Kapshagayskaya HPP: reconstruction of ORU-220 equipment

2018-07-18 102030

In recent years, the Kapshagai HPP has been gradually upgrading plant equipment and introducing modern technologies.

- One of the most ambitious projects is the reconstruction of 220 kV outdoor switchgear equipment, with the replacement of outdated and outdated air circuit breakers by SF6 circuit breakers. After purchasing the main equipment, from 2016 to the present day the project is underway to replace the equipment removed from production for switching equipment of a new generation, "said Maxim Mamyrin, chief engineer of the Kapshagai HPP.

 2018-07-18 102048

Specialized contractor organization, with direct organizational and technical support of the engineering staff of the plant's production facilities, led by the chief engineer Maxim Mamyrin and the head of the production and technical department Anton Makurochkin, reconstructed the cells of all 6 air switches, 4 voltage transformers, replacement of equipment high-frequency (hereinafter referred to as "high-frequency") communications of 2 out of 4 220 kV aerial overhead lines, replacing 18 of 24 disconnectors.

From July, 10 till July, 25 works on replacement of the linear disconnector and equipment of HF communication of line L-2033 are conducted.

2018-07-18 102058

All general construction activities, including work on the replacement of supporting building structures, are carried out under the supervision of the chief of the workshop for the operation of buildings and hydroelectric facilities, Anatoly Kharitonov.

2018-07-18 102108

Under the supervision of Sergey Danilenko, the head of electric machine shop, and Andrey Ivanov, the head of the electrotechnical laboratory, electrical equipment is being reconstructed, and the secondary circuits of the 220 kV outdoor switchgear are connected.

2018-07-18 102119

Implemented measures will save expenses on repair of 220 kV outdoor switchgear equipment, saving energy consumption by the compressor plant in order to maintain the compressed air pressure in the tanks of the air switches to be replaced, and will also lead to an increase in the reliability of electricity supply to consumers.