Dual training in AlES JSC: theory and practice

2018-07-12 072950

A solemn ceremony of awarding students of the third year of Almaty University of Energy and Communications with certificates of assignment of a working specialty of the state sample was held in Almaty Electric Power Stations JSC.

Dual training system for today remains one of the most effective forms of training of workers and technical specialists in Kazakhstan. The principles of dual education are already being introduced in many universities and colleges.

2018-07-12 073013

Almaty University of Energy and Communications was one of the first to actively introduce the training of specialists in the German dual education system. On April 23 of this year, the Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications and Almaty Electric Power Plants signed an agreement on the passage of production practice with elements of dual training.

From May 21 to June 22 of this year, 39 students of the Institute of Heat and Power Engineering and Heat Engineering, specializing in Heat Power Engineering, completed their practical training at AlES JSC: two weeks they were on practical training at CHPP-1, three weeks of theoretical training in the personnel training department, In addition, they also organized an excursion to CHPP-3.

As the director of the Institute of Heat Power Engineering and Heat Engineering, Ph.D., Associate Professor Balzhan Bakhtiyar, inspired at the beginning of this year with this idea, embodied it in reality.

"Since January of this year I have been working as a director of the Institute of Heat Power Engineering and Heat Engineering. Together with the head of the department "Heat power plants", candidate of technical sciences, senior lecturer Andrey Kibarin took the initiative in their own hands, went to partners, agreed on cooperation. Our educational institution is interested in business partnership with production. This form allows you to combine the theory and practice in the teaching process. It's great when a student gets two in one. We divided the trainee trainees into three subgroups in the field of work: the machinist-crawler for boiler equipment; Engineer-crawler for turbine equipment and laboratory assistant for chemical analysis. Our students came to practice at nine in the morning and left at five in the evening. The trainees were provided with special working clothes. Each subgroup was assigned mentors who taught students, "says Balzhan Bakhtiyar.

During the practical training the students studied general information about the station, visited directly in the fuel-transport, boiler, turbine and chemical shops. During the passage of five-week practice, students have mastered an educational program for obtaining professional competencies in working specialties.

2018-07-12 073029

"During the course of the practice, 17 students underwent training in the specialty of a turbine engine crawler, 15 people in the machinist-crawler for boiler equipment, and seven other students, specializing in chemical analysis. The instructors were the experienced workers of AlES JSC - the deputy head of the turbine workshop for operation Serik Taldybayev, the head of the turbine workshop change Dauren Mynbayev, the chemical engineer Gulnara Dorosheva, the freelance teachers of the personnel training department Galina Nechepurenko, Nikolai Miroshnik, Mirshat Shamsutdinov Zhanar Sabikenova, Head of Personnel Management Department of AlES JSC.

2018-07-12 073059

After deployment, the guys had to pass the qualification examinations. Nikolai Miroshnik, a freelance lecturer of the personnel training department of AlES JSC, assured the trainees that the trainees were "worried", but the trainees showed high level of knowledge.

2018-07-12 073116

"Practical classes were held at CHP-1. There was familiarity with the equipment, its device, then conducted theoretical studies on the device operation of steam turbines. One of the topics was also devoted to solar and wind power plants, nuclear power plants. That is, the review was complete, and it was easy to work with the guys. Now they pass examinations in the specialty of the driver-crawler on the turbine equipment and will receive certificates on assignment of the working specialty. The document will give them an advantage when applying for a job at a thermal power plant. The guys have a good prospect. Coming to the production, can take a good position", - emphasizes Nikolai Miroshnik

Another member of the Commission noted the advantages of training in the dual system. "At the moment, students take an exam in the specialty driver-crawler for boiler equipment. I believe that the policy of introducing dual education is correct. A student graduating from University knows where he will go and what he will do. He sees the full picture in the workplace, gets experience in the future profession. That is, in the process of dual training, he conceptualizes the future specialty in a new way and makes an informed decision on the correctness of the choice of profession," said Alfarabi Khalelov, Deputy head of the boiler shop of CHP-1 of Ales JSC.

2018-07-12 073133

Head of the "power plants" Department, Ph. D., associate Professor Andrey Kibarin believes that the introduction of dual training system depends on the active participation of the enterprise in the process of training, ensuring the passage of students practical training on its basis. "This is necessary to strengthen the theoretical knowledge that students receive at the University, and consolidate the development of professional skills. I believe that employers should be interested in such cooperation. Qualified personnel are needed in each enterprise. There would be more such partners-enterprises as Ales JSC, - he says.

"After graduation, our graduates get a job here, at the enterprise. We Express our gratitude to our permanent partner –Ales JSC for the professional approach and quality work on the organization of practical training", - concludes the Director of the Institute of heat power AUES Balzhan Bakhtiyar.

2018-07-12 073205

Students of the Institute of heat power engineering also thanked the staff of Ales JSC, noting that during the practice they had no problems, felt comfortable, it was very interesting and informative.

2018-07-12 073224

The dual system has already been recognized in many countries. And students of AUPET, having been trained in the German system of dual education, received certain professional competencies. This, of course, increases the chance to find a job in the companies of employers. Practice helps our children to develop personal qualities, to learn how to work in a team, to develop responsibility for the assigned area of activity. And most importantly-it allows you to form a creative person who is able to implement new ideas within the chosen profession.