Representatives of AlES JSC at the celebration of the

Day of labor dynasties is celebrated from 2013 on the initiative of Samruk-Kazyna JSC with the purpose of popularization, support of family traditions following of the profession and continuity of generations. On May 17, 2017, Samruk-Energo JSC hosted representatives of family dynasties of Bogatyr-Komir LLP, Almaty Electric Power Plants JSC, Ekibastuz GRES-2 JSC, Ekibastuz GRES-1 LLP, Shardara Hydropower Plant JSC, AlmatyEnergoSbyt LLP, AJK JSC, etc. JSC Almaty Electric Power Plants presented the dynasty of Derbins. Total work experience in power engineering is 102 years.

The head of the dynasty - Derbin Valery Ivanovich started his labor activity at the Tripolskaya HES, then worked at the Shardara HES. From 01.07.1997 he worked in the agro-industrial complex "Energoremont" in the boiler equipment sector of the Center for the Reconstruction and Development on the position of a mechanic for the repair of boiler-house equipment and dust-producing shops of the 5th category. Work experience in power engineering is 44 years.

The wife of the head of the dynasty - Derbina Valentina Efimovna worked in the energy industry for 46 years after graduation. She began her working career at Tripolskaya HES as an isolator of the 3rd category. From 01.11.1972 she worked as a technician in "YuzhKazEnergoremont", from 01.07.1994 she was transferred to the enterprise of APK PRP Energoremont JSC as an engineer for the organization and standardization of labor of the 1st category. In 2010 she was awarded the Medal "Honorary Power Engineer of Kazakhstan". It was noted by the letter of thanks of AlES JSC. Work experience in energy sector is 46 years.

The daughter of the head of the dynasty, Derbina Natalia Valerievna, after graduating from the Almaty Energy Institute, specializing in electrical engineering, worked as a process engineer in the electrotechnical shop of KazremEnergo. In 1993-1995 as main power engineer in KazNII Energetik. In 1995 she graduated from the Almaty Energy Institute as an engineer-economist, worked as an accountant. Since 1997, she worked in JSC APK as a PRP Energoremont, in 1998 she was transferred to the head office of APK JSC. Since 2011 she has been transferred to JSC AlES of Energoremont PRP by the leading accountant of the Accounting Department of the AUP. Currently he works as an engineer for the organization and standardization of labor at CEE-2 of Energoremont PRP. Work experience in energy sector is 12 years.

The Derbin family was awarded a medal "Altys belgisi" and a letter of thanks of Samruk-Energo JSC.

AlES JSC is proud of its labor dynasties - Khairushins, Bezruk, Kaznacheyevs, Popovs, Okunevs, Rasskazovs, Abakumovs and many others who represent energy sector every year on the Day of Labor Dynasties. They contribute to the family inheritance of the profession, the education of young people's respect for work, a sense of pride in their profession. Congratulations to our colleagues!