Nauryz – a holiday of spring and abundance!

Nauryz is one of the most ancient holidays on Earth. On Nauryz everyone tries to be in good mood, to express the most kind wishes to each other, to wear beautiful outfits and to cover a generous dastarkhan.

The celebration of Nauryz in a friendly company of colleagues became traditional for Almaty Electric Stations JSC. On April 22, 2016 the personnel of the company gathered together for a covered dastarkhan with national treats for the celebration of the holiday with the melodious sounds of dombra.

On this bright holiday, no one was remained without attention. According to the annual good tradition, the company invited veterans and guests for the celebration of Nauryz. At the festival were presented inflorescence of traditional dances, songs and games. Everyone was able to understand and feel how happy it is to live in such a multinational country as the Republic of Kazakhstan.