Congratulations to S.S. Nurpeisov on his 80th birthday!

Dear Sovetkhan Seitkaliyevich!

The management and staff of JSC "AlES" cordially congratulate you on the remarkable date in your life - the 80th birthday anniversary!

You are an energy veteran, the Veterans Council Chairman of Power Kazakhstan - man, deeply devoted to the profession, whose professional experience in demand today.

You have taken a glorious path from the head of department, high-voltage substation Semipalatinsk control grids "Altai Energo", the deputy of Energy and Electrification Minister, Vice-President of "Kazakhstanenergo, Vice-President of JSC" KEGOC ". Elected deputy of the Supreme Council of the Kazakh SSR of two convocations. Your activity Area varies but vital principles have been and remain the same in any part of work as if it is the main business of life, to build on mutual trust, bring the undertaking to a positive result, it is these qualities command respect and support of those who worked, and work with you.

Sovethan Seytkalievich, you selection of correct path in life and dignity have been on your shoulders, you live an interesting and meaningful life, actively participating in the development of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. You are still full of energy and love of life. The highest culture, professional perfection, erudition cause a feeling of admiration. Your work achievements and successes have been repeatedly marked with medals and certificates of honor from the Government, you have been awarded with the title "Honored Power Engineer of CIS and Kazakhstan." We are convinced that your authority and the undoubted talent of the organizer will always be in demand by power engineering specialists of Kazakhstan.

On this memorable day, accept our sincere congratulations, wishes of good health to you and your family, happiness, family well-being and long life.

Chairman of the Board of JSC "AlES" Nurlan Muhamed-Rakhimov