JSC "AlES" management held a meeting with the personnel reserve

On June 21, 2016, JSC AlES held a meeting with the personnel reserve. The management and employees of the Company from the personnel reserve took part in the meeting. In his opening remarks Chairman of the Board Mukhamed-Rakhimov N.T. stressed the importance of developing the Company's personnel reserve. The reports on work with the personnel reserve were made by the Managing Directors of Production Departments.

The meeting was addressed by the employees of the Company - TPP-1 Aimuratov Dinmukhamed Burambaevich - deputy chief of the electrical workshop; TPP -2 Baigaraev Ermek Sagyndykovich - the head of repair service; TPP -3 Taizhanov Almas Kurmangalievich - electrician for repair and maintenance of automation and measuring instruments; PRP "Energoremont" Azhimuratov Abylaykhan Asylkhanovich - deputy chief of the workshop for repair of power equipment of TPP -2; Kapshagay HPP Tuzelbaev Arslan Esmuratovich - leading engineer in automation and metrology; CPVT Imazhanov Khadzhimurat Maratovich - Deputy Chief Engineer- Head of Production and Technical Department; Cascade of hydroelectric power plants Gekkeev Ibrahim Abdrakhmanovich - chief specialist of the production and technical department; ZTK Okhman Denis Pavlovich - leading engineer of the production and technical department; Head office Reshetnikov Mikhail Vladimirovich - head of the operation department, who told about their development goals, plans, achievements, proposals and issues.