JSC "Almaty Electric Power Plants" held public hearings on the Environmental Action Plan at TPP-1

On May 25, 2016, JSC "AlES" held public hearings on the Plan of Environmental Measures of TPP-1 for 2016-2025 to consumers and other interested parties. In public hearings were presented JSC "AlES", the media, residents of adjacent areas, etc.

The detailed plan for environmental protection of JSC AlES TPP-1 for 2016-2025 was made by Lamzar Mashanlo, the chief of the workshop for setting up and environmental protection of TPP-1. He noted that Almaty TPP-1 provides heat and electricity to the city of Almaty. The production of TPP-1 is socially significant, but its production is associated with environmental pollution. Therefore, the main objectives of the environmental action plan are to develop environmentally and economically effective measures to reduce the negative impact of TPP-1 on all natural environments.

According to the requirements of the environmental code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the project of maximum permissible emissions for "AlES" TPP-1 was established.

Considering the fact that TPP-1 is located in the city center with low air circulation, the ecological activity of the station in terms of type and quality of the fuel used is regulated by a number of Governmental Decrees and decisions of Maslikhat. According to which, the station can only operate on gas. Almaty TPP-1 is the only station in Kazakhstan such strict environmental requirements are imposed.

In the non-heating season, a full stop of the TPP-1 station is carried out to reduce the environmental load on the central part of the city.

Over the years, a number of large-scale activities have been carried out to reduce emissions. So, the scrubber ash collectors were replaced with second-generation emulsifiers in power boilers st. №№ 8 - 13. Modernization of burners of power boilers st. Nos. 8 -13. The connecting heating main of TPP-2-TPP-1 was put into operation. For this purpose, a new boiler room was built at TPP-2, and a heat reception point was built at TPP-1. This allowed us to use the power of TPP-2 with a reduction in the power of TPP-1.

The discussion was of a constructive nature. The received proposals and recommendations will be taken into account in the future activity of TPP-1 of JSC "AlES".