Guards message to the "hawks"

In no modern war there will not be and can not be winners, everyone will lose in it. Thus, President Nursultan Nazarbayev wrote in his antiwar Manifest. I, the old soldier, understand the whole truth of these words, I do not hear the Head of State's alarm for the country, for the future of the people of Kazakhstan.

Victor Gulyaev, veteran of the Great Patriotic War, Red Star cavalier.

I am a grandfather for a long period of time, great-grandfather, and I do not want to be invaded by the fate of my children and grandchildren. Such a terrible one, which took my friends and colleagues in 1941-1945, which left black spots in my destiny.

And even more, bypass us and our descendants the nuclear war! If someone from the young generation think about war like in some movies, playing a "war game" or an easy walk, they are bitterly mistaken. Even worse, if some politicians think so. Therefore, I am very glad that from the high rostrum of the anti-nuclear summit our President read out the Manifesto "Peace XXI century". So, probably, thoughts about peace in the whole world will reach better to some "hawks". And we, who passed the war, know this well and remember it. We are not allowed to forget about the war our wounds and pain is in the heart about the lost friends-comrades.

I recently turned 90 years old. In my life there were different events, but the war was imprinted in my destiny by the blackest pages. The war came into my life when I was only 17 years old. Instead of a peaceful youth with dawns and kisses - there were trenches, advanced, fighting, death at every turn. I was called from the city of Issyk Enbekshikazakh district. At first I went to Gomel Military Infantry School. Then studied in Tula in tank camps as the commander of the T-34 gun. And in late 1943 was sent to the front as Red Guard Tank Brigade.

I participated in the liberation of the south Russia, Odessa. Fought for the liberation of Moldova and for the defeat of the headquarters of the 6th German Army received Red Star. Then traveled the roads of Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Czechoslovakia. Today for the young the list of these countries sounds like a good tourist destination but, they do not know how the young guys were burning in the tanks, liberating cities and villages of Eastern Europe. For those battles I have awards - the Medal of Glory of the 3rd degree, Medal of the Great Patriotic War of the 2nd degree, the Medal for the siege of Budapest, Medal for Liberation of Belgrade, Medal for Liberation of Slovakia and Bulgaria Award "Patriotic War of 1944-1945. "... These are the marks for the war. But I would prefer the mark of peace - home, love, a big family, health and happiness.

After the end of the war, I had to serve five more years in Bulgaria as a part of the Red Guards Tank Brigade. Of course, this was already peace. But it was a time when the countries were just beginning to restore everything destroyed by the war and people still shuddered from any loud sound. A time when children were afraid of any flying plane. And this fear for a long time lived in generations who have seen the war.

Therefore, after returning home I chose the most peaceful profession. Having graduated from the Turgen Pedagogical School, he worked as a tutor, director of the Issyk Children's Home. In my destiny there were also part work and journalism. I often had to tell both children and adults about the battles.

Not because I wanted to talk about my participation in the war and then, so that every new generation that did not know the war, cherished the world inherited.

Then I had to come into contact with one more peaceful profession – energy.Worked at the Kapshagay HPP in the department of capital construction. Then, working in the city party committee, I oversaw the construction and operation of the Kapshagai HPP. We had to solve such a peaceful issue as the construction of housing and the resettlement of the residents of the village of Ili in the town of Kapshagai under construction.

They say whether it is necessary to remember the war in such detail, whether it is necessary to bear wounds and celebrate military events and victories. I think, it is necessary. Not us, it is necessary - young. Therefore, I am grateful to fate that I lived to see after the military parades of the Winners. And in 2005 I participated in the delegation of Kazakhstan at the Parade in Moscow in honor of the 60th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War from the Almaty region.

I am grateful to the state, society for the memory and support of veterans, for the policy of protecting the old soldiers, which our President conducts. I am sure, including because the President is well aware of the pain of soldiers' wounds, he made such an appeal for peace. I'm more than sure that in this endeavor every Kazakhstani will support him, young and elderly, a soldier and a soldier's mother.