"Home, family, work" (2)

Thanks to the state program "Affordable Housing-2020" 67 Almaty power engineers received apartments in the residential complex "Asyl-Arman".

For a young family of Nuridilla and Aigerim Matievs getting a separate apartment was also the most important event in life. This is their first own apartment - before that they rented a house. But most of all they were glad that their little son Zeyin would not "wander" at someone else's corners. They brought newborn son in September 2015 to their house, and his first birthday anniversary will meet the baby at home!

Nuridilla Matiev is a young specialist in power engineering. He is only thirty years old, but more recently Nuridilla is the head of the electrotechnical laboratory of TPP-3 of JSC "Almaty Electric Power Stations". For a short career, he consistently passed several professional steps, and, according to colleagues, differs in depth of knowledge and thoroughness.

"I came to power engineering not accidentally," Nuridilla says. "My father Zhalgasbek Lenovich is a power engineer." Now he works as a senior dispatcher in Kazygurt power distribution zone. As a child, he often took me to work and I found myself in the magical world of electricians. Central dispatching board, mnemonic schemes, operational negotiations, transformers, lines ... All this is familiar to me from childhood. And when it came time to choose the future profession, I chose the electric power industry. Followed in the footsteps of his father. In 2004 I entered Almaty Institute of Power Engineering and Communications at the Electric Power Department. I heard about Energoinstitute as it was called earlier. Then I thought how hard it would be to study there. But, despite all the difficulties, this period of my life has become one of the most interesting. In addition to knowledge, I have acquired many friends and future colleagues. I am very proud that I studied at AUPET. After graduation Nuridilla planned to enter the AUPET magistracy. But since several months were left before the entrance exams were taken, I settled into one electrical installation organization. Once on the bus, he met the then deputy dean of the electric power faculty Kairat Asankaliyevich Bakenov, who asked about his employment. - Upon learning that I work as an electrical engineer, he said that AUPET together with the company Almaty Electric Power Plants have launched a program to train its employees in the magistracy, - recalls Nuridilla. - Kairat Asangaliyevich noted that this is a very good opportunity and it is necessary to take part in it. "Now there are few organizations that could train their employees in the magistracy," he added. The next day I went to AUPET, where they explained to me that first I must get a job in one of the company's production departments. I was sent to the Cascade of hydroelectric power stations. The then chief engineer of the station Sergey Vasilyevich Galaktionov agreed to hire me as an engineer for relay protection and automation. And two months later I entered the AUPET magistracy. At the Cascade HPP Nuridilla worked for 4 years. As he recalls, this was the beginning of the road, a good practice for a novice relay operator. Young specialists were trained by experienced professionals and supported by them. And when the Relay Protection and Automation Service was again organized in the AlES system, Nuridilla was invited to work as a head engineer. "It was very interesting for me to work in this service, as I oversaw a wide range of areas," young specialist admits. - I gained good experience, skills and knowledge. And in early 2016 the company's management offered me to become the head of the electrotechnical laboratory. I can say with good reason that our company gave me not only the opportunity to study in the magistracy and find a job, but also contributed to a meeting with my future wife Aigerim. She also works in the company as an engineer for training personnel in the PRP "Energoremont". Aigerim speaks about the company with no less gratitude - for a careful attitude to the staff. So it was and when the state program "Affordable Housing 2020" was announced. As soon as the program started, the company immediately notified all employees, consulted. It is no accident that among the new settlers of the Asyl Arman complex there are 67 families of the company's employees and, more than 90% of them are young specialists and young families. People received housing at different times - as housing was delivered. - Realization of the apartment in the Asyl-Arman residential complex in the suburb of Almaty - the settlement of Irgeli under the "Affordable Housing-2020" program "Samruk-Kazyna" Fund was held in two stages, "says the chairman of the branch of the" AUES "trade union Valery Mikhailovich Sitdikov. - People purchased housing for rent with subsequent redemption. The first stage was carried out from September 29 to December 20, 2014, when 35 employees of the company received apartments in this residential complex. The second stage of realization of apartments was held from March 26 to December 20, 2015, and 32 of our workers received apartments. As a result, thanks to the program of JSC "Real Estate Fund" Samruk-Kazyna "67 employees of the company received apartments in the residential complex "Asyl-Arman".

Nuridilla and Aigerim tell us that there was no bureaucratic hassle and obstacles - the application was submitted online, through the website. They only needed to collect all the documents and confirm the income. The applicant was Nuridilla, and his wife was co-applicant. The young couple entered their two-room apartment "the first echelon" in December 2014. "We met the New Year 2015 in our apartment," says happy Aigerim. It was a very happy year, because in September we born our little son." Today we are all very happy! And Nuridilla adds that the state has shown great concern for such young families and specialists as they are with Aigerim. The program goes on a large scale in the country feeling this attitude towards oneself, young people must exert their forces so Kazakhstan prospers. "I call on all young specialists, including young power engineers, to work for the good of our country," Nuridilla said. - After all, the future of industrial enterprises, the industrial sector and the entire economy of the country depends on our work!