Investments in reliability and quality (execution of the Investment Agreement of JSC AlES with the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2015). (2)

In accordance with the agreement on the execution of investment obligations concluded with the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the investment obligations of JSC AlES for 2015 is 15,072.1 million KZT, including own funds 5,406.0 million KZT and borrowed funds 9 666,1 million tenge. Actual execution amounted to KZT15,072.1 million, including KZT5,406.0 million from own funds and KZT9,666.1 million (100%) from borrowed funds. Within the framework of the Investment Agreement, the following main measures have been implemented / implemented: • aimed at increasing production volumes, including: at the completion stage, construction and installation works under the project Reconstruction and expansion of Almaty TPP-2. III turn. Boiler unit No.8. After the implementation of the project, the additional annual generation of electric power will amount to 450 million kWh, and the increase in heat energy output will increase by 1,150 thousand Gcal / year; • to reduce production costs, including: construction of structures and a gauging station to draw water from the Kok-Uzek TPP-2 reservoir; restoration of the anti-filtration screen of Section No. 1, ash dump No. 1 of TPP -2. • to maintain the production level, including: reconstruction of the main steam pipeline (1st stage) of TPP -2; modernization of the Kapshagai HPP excitation system; reconstruction of oil-bearing units of control systems for hydraulic units of the Kapshagai HPP. • construction of ash dumps, including: combined ash and slag removal system (4th technological stage) of TPP -2; Reconstruction and expansion of the ash dump of TPP -3 (Stage 1). Implementation of measures implemented in 2015. allowed: to increase the utilization factor of the installed electric capacity of JSC "AlES" in comparison with the planned value by 0.6%, which amounted to 46.9% due to the increase in electric power generation by 63,362 thousand kWh. reduce the number of technological violations from 134 to 123 (8.6%) due to a timely repair.

JSC "Almaty Electric Stations" is a part of JSC "Samruk-Energo". Almaty power plants are the main energy source of Almaty and Almaty region. The power complex of JSC "AlES" includes: TPP-1, TPP -2, TPP -3, Western Thermal Complex, Kapshagay HPP, Cascade of Almaty HPPs, Production and Repair Enterprise "Energoremont", CPVT.