Vigorously and responsibly 2

Nurlan Mukhamed-Rakhimov,

Chairman of the Board of JSC "Almaty Electric Power Plants"

   The head of state during extraordinary, XVII Congress of the Nur Otan Party, stressed the need for favorable conditions for investment in the power complex. We understand that in the conditions of the ongoing world crisis and in the light of the complicated tasks in the energy sector there is a lot of work to be done. One of the key areas of strategic development of JSC "Almaty Electric Power Plants" is to increase the efficiency of electric and heat energy production, in particular through the renewal of the company's fixed assets. The volume of investments of JSC "AlES" within the framework of the investment program for 2015 was 18 billion tenge. The following projects were implemented: construction of ash dump at TPP-2, replacement of the main steam pipeline at TPP-2, etc. In 2016, the investment program is expected to complete the implementation of the projects of boiler No. 8 of Almaty TPP-2 and ash dump of TPP-3. In his speech, the President of the country assured that despite global crisis in Kazakhstan, social support for the population will not stop. JSC "AlES" is the winner of the "Paryz-2015" competition in the category "Best collective agreement". We make every effort to improve and strengthen the labor and social rights of our employees, at the forefront of the company's activities is the social responsibility of the employer, the priority of life and health of employees in relation to the results of production activities.