Rain is not a hindrance to vacations

In the children's health camp "Edelweiss", a change is made: the first 130 children came from hicking and a new party of vacationers calls in.

Today the summer is rainy almost like in a famous tourist song: "... And under the feet is not parquet, but mostly water." But this rest of children is not a hindrance. The season passed, as it should: with games, quizzes, hikes in fine weather, flash mobs, sports contests and discos. although there was more water from the sky than we would have liked, but even the pools were not empty.

- The first shift arrived on June 22nd, and the guys left with the hope of returning, - says the chairman of the trade union committee of AlES Valery Sitdikov. - And this is real: many children in a season have time to rest a couple of times andcontinue to rest in "Edelweiss" before graduation. And some, having matured, come here as counselors or tutors. Our camp is in charge of the union of power engineers, this explains the dedication of children to "Edelweiss".

It is also important, of course, that the employer pays half the cost of the tour. Another part - the trade union committee according to the orders of trade union organizations. As a result, it turns out that parents pay between 10 and 40% of the cost of the tour, depending on the department and taking into account material condition of the family.

The camp, located in an ecologically clean corner of Zailiysky Alatau at an altitude of 1800 m above sea level, has been more than half a century old, and many generations of children of power engineers are linking their good memories with it. There are whole dynasties: once here children were brought not only by their parents, but also by their grandparents. So last year 429 children have visited it and now it will be no less: two more seasons are ahead. Well, as for the summer storm, the Edelweiss has its own poetic response: "We are not afraid of thunder, / The clouds will soon pass." The commander and the detachment / Together go to the mountains! ".

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