LIGHT OF VICTORY. Brave soldier Zaets

On the occasion of his 90th birthday, the veteran of the Great Patriotic War and also brave soldier Vasily Matveyevich Zaets, came to congratulate local schoolchildren, energy colleagues and friends.

Vasya Zaets was joined the army in November 1943 as a seventeen-year-old teenager who did not smell gunpowder. But a year and a half of the war fully endowed him with bitter battles, injuries, and hospitals. He fought courageously. He liberated Poland. And according to the awards on his tunic one can judge the military path of a young soldier: the Order of the Patriotic War, two medals "For Courage", Polish awards "For Freedom and Liberty", "For the Taking of Odyrneissen and the Baltics".

He had to serve five years after the war. And in a peaceful life he had a hot - boiler room - shop Almaty hydropower station. Two years he defended the hot watch, having mastered different specialties. Labor energy was also rewarded.

Today the veteran is glad that he meets the next Victory Day, having lived to 90 years in good health, surrounded by family, friends. I am glad that his colleagues and managers of JSC "Almaty Electric Power Plants" remember that they came to congratulate him on the anniversary. I am glad that the youth's interest in the history of the country, its military pages, and that they honor the young veterans who defended the world for many generations during the Great Patriotic War remains. And he himself will meet and Birthday, and Victory Day in the family, and can be raised frontsovuyu charochka for fellow soldiers, who now forever in the ranks.