Knowledge is power

   It is never too late to become a Bolashak student – if there is a desire to learn. Energetic Kainarbek Kerimkulov went to Germany to Bolashak program, having 20 years of experience in the profession. He began studying on graduation year of his son Yelzhan, who graduated from the school, showing by his own example that one can perfect in profession all his life. – After graduating from the institute, I immediately got a job at Taraz TPP-4, - says Kainarbek Kuanyshbekovich. - He worked as a duty mechanic, gradually grew to the position of chief of production and technical service. He passed all levels of operational management of electric and thermal energy production, having served as the head of the shift of power plant and the head of the production and technical service of JSC TarazEnergoCenter. I think that in the professional growth the role was played precisely by the fact that I am always ready to learn. Several times in the direction of the enterprise I went to further training in Novosibirsk. I moved to Almaty in 2010, and I was almost immediately taken to the JSC Almaty Electric Power Plants as the head of the production department.

   Kainarbek quickly joined work process. His work was celebrated at the enterprise. And when a letter from JSC "Samruk-Energo" came to AlES, that it was possible to train employees in Germany on the specialty "energy management", he took part in the competition under the Bolashak program.

and by decision of the state commission was sent to study in Berlin. "So in 2014 I became a Bolashak student," Kainarbek Kuanyshbekovich says. - Except me in the group were our colleagues from Almaty, Astana, Karaganda, Atyrau, Taraz and Shymkent. I admit, it was unexpected that "Bolashak" provides grants for employees with experience. Then I learned that in 2011 the state launched a special program-target mechanism for training specialists on employers' point applications. Training was conducted on the basis of the Berlin Technical University. Classes were both theoretical and practical, with a visit of innovative production. "We were shown new technologies and equipment," says Kainarbek Kerimkulov. - We visited enterprises, power plants, including wind farms as well as stations that work on biofuel, and enterprises that produce electrical equipment. Not everything was absolutely new for us. We also have some equipment, but in Germany we saw modern one. On the basis of the results of a two-month study of energy passed exams in Berlin. Now, according to the rules of the scholarship program every six months he confirms working in the industry. However, Kaynarbek Kerimkulov does not plan to change profession and enterprise. After studying Bolashak program, his career went up. He was sent to study as the head of the department, and after the studies was appointed as a head of the technical department of JSC "Almaty Electric Stations". Now he is responsible for improving the company's energy efficiency. It was a very useful experience in Germany. - In 2014, at our enterprise, after the energy audit conducted by the Institute for the Development of Electricity and Energy Saving, the key energy efficiency indicators of the company and their target values ​​for the period until 2019 were identified, - Kainarbek Kerimkulov says. - An internal normative document on three-stage control over energy conservation and energy efficiency is being developed. The first stage is the workers, the second - engineering and technical workers, the third - management. We renewed the rationalization work. Accepted for the implementation of rationalization proposal with an economic effect of more than 100 million tenge. According to the results of the last year, the company achieved target key indicators of energy efficiency and received fuel saving and energy resources in the amount of more than 500 million tenge. The company emphasizes that the training of personnel is a system work. In the training department of the company in 2015, 1,344 employees, including 1,122 workers, were trained. As a whole, nearly 3,000 employees have undergone vocational training in the company. And since 2016 the Personnel Training Department has begun to conduct refresher courses on the main energy topics, with the issuance of certificates. "We are very serious about increasing professionalism of employees," says Kainarbek Kuanyshbekovich. - The company sends specialists to study at the Almaty University of Energy and Communications, to study in Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg and Chelyabinsk. According to the state program "Bolashak", since 2013 four of its employees have been trained, and two more are studying in Germany. "I am proud of being the first Bolashak student at the enterprise," Kainarbek admits. - I am glad that my colleagues can improve their qualification in this program. I am sure that International Bolashak scholarship, initiated by President Nursultan Nazarbayev, is a powerful tool for training highly qualified specialists who can contribute to the prosperity of independent Kazakhstan. Yelzhan followed my footsteps. In 2014, he entered the Almaty University of Energy and Communications, the Faculty of Thermal Power Plants. I am very happy about this and I hope that he will become a good professional, since my son, like me, has a desire to learn. And this is very important.

Alevtina Donskikh