Almaty EPP-2 celebrated its 35th anniversary

This year, Almaty EPP-2 turned 35 years. On August 30, 1980, a test run of the boiler No. 1 was carried out. In the history of the Almaty region and the city itself, this day became significant. Veterans of the plant, representatives of the Head Office and managing directors were invited to the solemn meeting in honor of the station's anniversary, the station was decorated with information newspapers. The ceremonial meeting was opened by the managing director of EPP-2 Fazoil Salimov. In his speech he congratulated the team on the anniversary, thanked the audience for the invaluable contribution to the development of EPP-2. "The employees of EPP-2 work with complex equipment and high voltage. Everyone is aware of his responsibility for reliability and continuity of work, so we only have strong and brave people who are capable of real heroic deeds. Continuity of traditions, respect for experience and professionalism, pride in the title of "energetic" lives in each of us. We understand that we bring light and warmth, comfort and coziness to every house. Over 35 years of the plant's operation, improvements were made to the boiler and turbines, which, in turn, constantly requires staff to upgrade their skills and professionalism, said Fazoil Salimov. On behalf of the veterans, the staff of the station was congratulated by Valentin T. Kravtsov, the director of EPP-2 in 1985-1987, Gennady Afanasyev, at one time the deputy head of the turbine shop of EPP-2, Kaipzhamal Seitkazievna Tuleubekova, the director of the kindergarten "Balbobek," which started working in the personnel department of EPP-2. Deep from our hearts, TEZ-2 was congratulated by the advisor to the Chairman of the Management Board of JSC AlES Bisembek Sabyrokulov, the Managing Director of EPP-1 Isakhan Syrgabayev, the Managing Director of CPVT Baktybek Sholanbayev, they all gave more than 20 years of their work at EPP-2. All the speakers noted that EPP-2 became the forge of personnel for the energy sector in Kazakhstan. The celebration was held in a warm informal atmosphere. The invited guests highly appreciated the work of the team and stressed the importance of the station's role in the life of the city. At the end of the meeting, a film was shown on the 35th anniversary of the station.

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   In 1974, the construction of a new Alma-Ata heat and power plant (Almaty EPP-2) was started. The construction was made on the basis of the decision (No. 65 of January 5, 1968) of the Ministry of Energy and Electrification of the Kazakh Societ Republic on design estimates, developed by the Alma-Ata branch of "Promenergoproekt" and the Kazakh branch of "TsNIIproektstalkonstruktsiya". Alma-Ata cogeneration plant-2 is a thermal power plant of the original type. In order to increase the level of seismic safety, the station located at the depth of 12 meters. At the station for the first time in the country boiler units with a steam capacity of 420 tons / hour in seismic design were introduced. Construction and installation work for the launch complex was carried out in the period from August 1974 to September 1980. August 30, 1980 was included in the work of the first unit. The State Acceptance Commission, appointed by the Ministry of Energy and Electrification of the USSR by Order No. 80r of April 23, 1979, under the chairmanship of the manager of the Republic of Alma-Ataenergo, Zhakutov A.Zh., September 30, 1980, made the Act on the following: the first launching complex of Alma -Atinskaya EPP-2 in the structure: the main building, the combined auxiliary building No. 1, No. 2, the chimney No. 1, the fuel farm, chemical water purification plant, the open substation, the transformers, the hydrosoldering system and the ash dump, the oil agriculture, fire pump, fire station, dining room, railways and roads. Almaty EPP-2 was built in two stages: • 1 construction was carried out in 1978-1983. Three types of steam boilers of the type BKZ-420-140-7C and three steam turbines of the PT-80 / 100-130 / 13 type were commissioned. • The second phase of the construction was carried out in 1984-1989. Four more steam boilers BKZ-420-140-7C, one steam turbine of type P-50-130 / 13 and two steam turbines of type T-110 / 120-130-5 were commissioned. Today Almaty CHPP-2, part of JSC Almaty Electric Power Plants, is the largest combined heat and power plant in Kazakhstan for combined generation of electric and heat energy for Almaty and Almaty region. The main fuel is coal from Ekibastuz coal basin, fuel oil is used as a fuel. According to the plans for capital construction: • in the period 2009-2011. - Reconstruction of fan cooling towers st. № 1 ÷ 6. The effect of the project: the removal of the electric power limit - 98.8 MW, the increase in electricity production by 362.7 million kWh. • in the period of 2009-2013. - Construction of a new boiler room. The effect from the project implementation: increase in the volume of heat energy production to 1mln Gcal per year with the replacement of production at EPP-1 in order to further improve the environmental situation in the central part of Almaty. During the implementation of these projects, the installed capacity for EPP-2 510 MW / 1176 Gcal / h was achieved.


Unit of Measurement

2012 year

2013 year

2014 year

Electricity output




Busbar output




Delivery of heat power






Specific reference fuel consumption for electric generation





Specific reference fuel consumption for heat power





Discharge of coal equivalent

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Installed heat power utilization factor





    The team of EPP-2, headed by the management of JSC AlES, continues to work on improving the reliability of the main auxiliary equipment and ensuring safe working conditions for maintenance personnel.