JSC Almaty Electric Power Plants switched to heating mode operation

   JSC Almaty Electric Power Plants with compliance in the Resolution of the Akimat of Almaty switched to the heating mode of operation. This was preceded by a large preparatory work. The company passed the verification of equipment readiness of the JSC AlES facilities and one of the first in the country on September 29, 2015 received the Passport of readiness of energy producing and energy transfer organizations to work in the autumn-winter conditions of 2015-2016. JSC AlES holds the dominant position on the supply of electricity in the city of Almaty and Almaty region, providing nearly 76% of district heating and 60% of electricity. JSC AlES has enough equipment to start heating season. Normative fuel reserves on energy sources are accumulated. "To date, the installed electric capacity of the company is 1239 MW, the installed heat capacity is 3814 Gcal / h. The existing capacity of JSC AlES is sufficient to meet the needs of thermal energy consumers by 100% in the area of ​​ JSC AlES responsibility, - said Deputy Chairman of the Production Board - Chief Engineer Gaziy Ismukhambetov. The energy produced by JSC Almaty Electric Power Plants lightens and heats hospitals and schools, theaters and libraries, industrial enterprises and residential buildings not only in the largest metropolis, but also a significant part of the Almaty region. Such scales entrust great responsibility experience and professionalism and high dedication of the company as a guarantee in solving the set tasks.