Opening of the memorial plaque for Aitkali Zhakutov

The ceremonial opening of the memorial plaque in memory of Aitkali Zhakutov, honorary power engineer of the USSR, outstanding specialist in power and electrification sector of the USSR who has protected Almaty city from mudslide in 1973. All his activities are related with the development of Almaty electric power system. The memorial plaque is installed in CHP Plant 2 operated by “Almaty Power Stations”, JSC.

Aitkali Zhakutov began his career in Almaty CHP Plant 1 as engineer, turbine room foreman, and shift engineer.

In 1967 A. Zhakutov was appointed to the position of Director of Almaty heating networks. The connection of industrial enterprises and public utility consumers of the city to the centralized heat supply was completed under his direct supervision. In 1973 Aitkali Zhakutov was appointed as Manager of “Alma-Ata-Energo” District Energy Administration. And in 1974 he was approved as a collegium member of the Ministry of Energy of the Kazakh SSR by the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR.

In this role, he showed his managerial abilities and special responsibility that attaches to that position. These qualities were obviously demonstrated within the performance of emergency recovery works in the area of Medeo mud dam after mud flows occurred at the Malaya Almatinka River during the period from 1973 to 1975. Aitkali Zhakutov was conferred with the Certificate of Merit of the Kazakh SSR Supreme Council for the dedication and excellent organization of works.

The district heating was further developed in Almaty and Kapchagay cities, the inter-system “Alama-Ata – Frunze” 220 kV aerial lines and the second circuit for “Kapchagay Hydroelectric Power Plant – Taldykorgan” 220 kV aerial lines were put into commission and the construction of Alma-Ata and Kapchagay Hydroelectric Power Plants was completed under his supervision.

The first phase of construction and commissioning of Alma-Ata CHP Plant 2 with a capacity of 240 MW which has played a crucial role in the reliable and continuous electric power and heat supply to the consumers in Almaty city and Almaty region were performed though honorable mediation and under supervision of Aitkali Zhakutov.

In 1982 Aitkali Zhakutov was appointed as a Head of the Kazakh area body of the State Inspection of Power Plant and Network Operation of the USSR Ministry of Energy. He successfully combined his work activities with active community involvement. Aitkali Zhakutov was elected as a deputy of Alama-Ata city and region Soviet of People’s Deputies, as a member of the Kazakh Republican Board of the Scientific and Technical Society of Energy and Electrical Engineering Industry.

His name was included in the Encyclopedia “Russian Power Engineers” which was published in 2001 in Moscow and which includes prominent figures who have significantly contributed to the development of energy industry.

Aitkali Zhakutov died in 2011, but he has left his indelible mark on life.

The memorial plaque was installed in CHP Plant 2 operated by “Almaty Power Stations”, JSC within the ceremony in the memory of Aitkali Zhakutov for his merits, fruitful work activities and individual contribution to the development of energy industry in the Almaty region.