A press tour for journalists is held in “AlES” JSC

“Samruk-Energy” JSC held a press tour by the facilities of Almaty power complex at November 29, 2013.
The heat receiving point at CHP plant 1 became the one of the journalists' visit objects. Department of CHP-1 of “AlES” JSC is the largest urban heat source, located near the center of the city and worked for almost 80 years.

The aging of equipment and depreciation of fixed assets of CHP-1 create an objective ground for possible adverse changes in the system of power supply of Almaty. In the coming years, the main equipment of CHP-1 fulfills its economic life. CHP-1 uses three types of fuel: coal, gas, fuel oil.
The journalists of newspapers “Kazakhstanskaya Pravda” (“Kazakhstan’s True”), “Megapolis”, “Aikyn”, “Liter”, the magazine “Expert Kazakhstan”, broadcasters “Khabar”, “Astana”, “Almaty” and “STV” not only saw the features of the power industry with their own eyes. They also learned that the reconstruction of CHP-1 for receiving heat from CHP-2 is associated with the need to improve the efficiency of the energy complex of “AlES” JSC, reliability and quality of heat supply while reducing the environmental load in the center of Almaty city by reducing the load of CHP plant 1.

Responding to questions from the media correspondent, Chairman of the Management Board of “AlES” JSC Nurlan Mohamed-Rahimov noted that the reconstruction of CHP-1 for receiving heat from CHP-2 allows to transfer the heat at CHP-1 from CHP-2 by the heating duct CHP-1-CHP-2 to 350 Gcal/h, to stop CHP-1 in the summer, which will provide the opportunity to conduct large-scale reconstruction and replacement of basic equipment, as well as reduce the burden on the environment from the CHP-1.

In addition, it is planned to change the ratio of combustion fuels in the CHP-1 and CHP-2 with increasing share of cheap Ekibastuz coal and decrease in the share of expensive gas-oil fuel, to increase the effectiveness of the system of production of electricity and heat, as well as improve the heat supply reliability of the “AlTS” JSC district heating zone.
In the coming days, according to the results of the press-tour stories will come in the news programs of television, newspaper articles will be prepared. Through the eyes of journalists, Kazakhstan people will be able to find out how Almaty SDCs of “Samruk-Energy” JSC are prepared for the autumn-winter peak loads.