“Almaty Power Stations” JSC held a press tour for journalists of regional and national media

On the initiative of DARNM Almaty, “Almaty Power Stations” JSC held a press-tour for journalists of regional and national media on September 24.
Journalists and representatives of DARNM Almaty visited the main power plant of Almaty region - Almaty CHP-2.
Media representatives had an opportunity not only to witness the features of the work of power industry, but also to understand the process of fulfillment of investment obligations of “AlES” JSC for the years 2009-2013, as well as get answers to all their questions.
Journalists of “Kazakhstanskaya Pravda”, “Evening Almaty” newspaper, “Capital”, “Almaty Akshamy”, “I'm a buyer and owner”, TV and Radio Company “Kazakhstan”, visited the boiler, turbine and boiler plant, cooling towers, the main control panel of CHP-2.

Responding to questions from the media reporters, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board for production - Chief Engineer Gaziy Ismuhambetov in his presentation dwelt on how the investment program of “AlES” JSC was carried out. It was noted that the investment obligations of “AlES” JSC in 2009-2012 amounted to 51 727.6 million tenge (excluding VAT) and were carried out in the following areas:

- Measures on increasing production volumes - 31.0%;
- Maintaining the current level of production - 33.1%;

- Environmental protection measures - 15.0%;
- Construction of ash dumps - 17.8%;
- Measures on reducing the cost of production - 3.1%.

The implementation of these activities led to an increase in the reliability of heat and power generation.
To improve the ecological situation in Almaty and reduce emissions of harmful substances into the environment, activities for the installation of dust extraction systems and modernization of burners at CHP-1, CHP-2, CHP-3 have been carried out.
The overhaul of main and auxiliary equipment is made annually. Repair works has led to a reduction of emergency shutdowns of equipment.

G. Ismuhambetov noted that performance of investment obligations of “AlES” JSC ensures a continuous supply of Almaty and Almaty region by electric and thermal energy.
In the coming days, according to the results of the press-tour plots will bein the news programs of television, newspaper articles will be prepared. Through the eyes of journalists, Almaty residents will be able to learn how investment obligations of “AlES” JSC are performed.