Lest we forget

All labor activity of Aitkali Zhakutov, honorary power engineer of USSR, outstanding specialist in power and electrification sector of USSR, was connected with the development of the Almaty electric power system.


Aitkali Zhakutov began his career in Almaty CHP PLANT 1 as engineer, turbine room foreman, and shift engineer.

In 1967 he became a Director of Almaty heating networks.

In 1973 Aitkali Zhakutov was appointed as a Manager of the “Alma-Ataenergo” District Energy Administration (DEA). And in 1974 he was approved as a collegium member of the Ministry of Energy of the Kazakh SSR by the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR.

Aitkali Zhakutov had good managerial abilities and special responsibility for a charged matter. These features were obviously demonstrated within the performance of emergency recovery works in the area of Medeo mud dam after mud flows occurred in 1973. At that time Aitkali Zhakutov was conferred with the Certificate of Merit of the Kazakh SSR Supreme Council for the dedication and excellent organization of works.

The district heating was further developed in Almaty and Kapchagay cities. High voltage lines were commissioned, the construction of AlmaAta State District Power Station, Kapchagay Hydroelectric Power Plant was finished. Phase 1 construction and commissioning of AlmaAta CHP PLANT 2 were performed though honorable mediation of Aitkali Zhakutov. This important power object had played a crucial role in reliable and continuous electric power and heat supply to the consumers in Almaty city and region.

The name of Aitkali Zhakutov was included in the Encyclopedia “Russian Power Engineers”.

Veterans of power engineering gathered together at the ceremonial meeting in honor of the memorial plaque opening in CHP Plant 2, who remembered together with the administration of “AlES”, JSC about real-life situations, related to Aitkali Zhakutov, his managerial abilities and responsibility for executed works. The family of the honorary power engineer was also at the meeting. Children of Aitkali Zhakutov followed in their father’s footsteps and also got into power engineering.

To the end of my speech family members expressed gratitude for the recognition of Aitkali Zhakutov’s merits to the society.


“Vecherniy Almaty” newspaper, dated August 10, 2013, No 102