Congratulations on the anniversary!

Kadyrzhanov Altai Kamalovich – 70 years old! “The staff of  “Almaty Power Stations” JSC congratulates you on the remarkable date in your life.
All your life and work associated with the development of the energy sector of Kazakhstan.
For many years, you have worked as chief engineer of Almaty CHP-1, Chief Engineer RUEH “Alma-Ataenergo” and Director General of POEE “Alma Ataenergo.
There have been a worthy leader of the largest energy system of the Republic, which provides electricity and heat to the city of Almaty, Almaty and Taldykorgan region.

Rich life and professional experience, transmitted by you to the younger generation of power engineers, will be the best way to serve the further development of the energy sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Every day of your career path - a string in the biography of a man of strong spirit, talented power worker and leader.

Almai Kamalovich, your hard work, creative activity, professionalism, ability to scale thinking, organizational skills, responsiveness, sensitivity to subordinates allowed solving problems in different years and the problems in the energy sector of Kazakhstan. You really serve as a model and an example for the younger generation of power engineers.
In this truly remarkable day, I wish you inexhaustible energy, peace and prosperity, good health and long life to you and your family.