ASCAPC is introduced in “AlES” JSC

The Automated System for Commercial Accounting of Power Consumption (ASCAPC) was put into commercial operation at “Almaty power stations” JSC (“AlES”) at December 30, 2011. Based on act of working commission about entering into commercial operation of ASCAPC from December 28, 2011, “AlES” JSC was registered at the Register ofthe electric energy accounting system of the System operator of the wholesale market of the Republic of Kazakhstan (“KEGOC456”) No ORE.05.0061-65.0016-2011.


This system was created by the order of the Ministry of energy and mineral resources of RK “On approval of the Program of creation of the Automated System for Commercial Accounting of Power Consumption” (No183 from 18.08.2004) and regulation of the Government of RK “On measures on further development of market relations at the electric industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan” (No190 from 18.02.2004).


The total cost of the system was 231.5 million tenge without VAT. Works on creation of ASCAPS at “AlES” JSC was carried out within the framework of the investment program by the account, defined by the Resolution of the Government “On approval of Rules of determination of calculating tariff, approval the limit and individual tariff” (№277 from 10.03.2009). 


Introducingthe ASCAPC, “AlES” JSC supports advanced trends of the energy sector and pursues definite issues. In particular, it is an automatic collection of measurement data from electricity meters with a predetermined interval of time, timely processing and receiving the information on commercial accounting to the subjects of energy market; providing accounting of actual production and consumption of electric energy of “AlES” JSC in real time; ensuring operational control over the production and consumption of electric energy by power stations of “AlES” JSC; the formation of reports on consumption of electric energy production of “AlES” JSC; keeping the business information about production and consumption of electric energy with required retrospective; formation the information on the quantity of electricity for commercial payments to deliverers, consumers and other subjects of energy market; reduction of electric energylosses; the formation of information about electric energy and capacity balance for the operation of “AlES” JSC; ensuring technical readiness of “AlES” JSC for participation in electric energy market by further development.


The commissioning ASCAPC at “AlES” JSC – next step in the field of energy conservation and energy efficiency, which will allow the company to reach a  qualified level of service and to optimize the consumption of resources.