The heat and light in every house

ASTANA. January 9. KAZINFORM – “Almaty power stations” JSC (subsidiary of “Samruk-Energy” JSC) as the largest generating company carries out a professional work on providing uninterrupted power and heat supply in Almaty region.

The share of heat and power generation from total energy consumption on the Almaty region is as follows: electricity - 72% (in 2011, 5.4 billion kWh; total consumption of 7.5 billion kWh), heat -70% (in 2011, 5.7 million Gcal; total consumption of 8.4 million Gcal.).

The age of the "AlES" JSC energy sources are from 31 to 76 years. To maintain the current production level of energy sources repair campaign fully carried out in 2011 in accordance with the approved schedule. All power equipment repaired to 100%, repair costs amounted to 4.5 bln. tenge.

In order to ensure trouble-free operation of the generating equipment, the necessary fuel reserves, chemicals and spare parts for the operational needs of the energy sources of "AlES" were created. Monthly coal reserves (454.1 thousands of tons) and fuel oil(43.4 thousands oftons)have been established.

At 22.11.2011 company got a Passport of Committee of State Energy Supervision and Control of RK MINT on readiness for the autumn-winter period of 2011-2012.

Given the significant age of energy sources, in 2011, reconstructed and put into operation:

- cooling towers at CHP-2 and CHP-3. As a result of the project due to the removal of existing restrictions the increase of the available electric powerwill be 132 MW, which allows to generate additionally more than 585 million KWh per year of electricity. This will help to increase the reliability of power supply in Almaty region.

- ash dumps at CHP-1 and CHP-3 providing uninterrupted operation of power plants.

Due to electricity gap in the south of Kazakhstan in November-December 2011 by the request of “Almatyenergosbyt” LLP "AlES" JSC increased the electricity production in excess of the contractual obligations to 36% in November and 19% in December without allowing the restriction of consumers of Almaty region. Heat production in November-December 2011 increased by 11% in comparing with the same period of 2010 and amounted to 1.6 million Gcal.

“AlES” JSC defined a number of primary strategic projects aimed at increasing capacity: commissioning of the boiler and the boiler unit №8 at CHP-2; two gas turbine units at CHP-1; construction of Kerbulak hydroelectric power station and others.

All decisions of “AlES” JSC on production keeping measures provide reliable heat and electrical power supply in Almaty during the heating season 2011-2012.