Auyzashar for children

With the beginning of the month of Ramadan, the youth of AlES JSC launched a campaign to collect funds for charitable purposes. Almaty power engineers have many social addresses where they are welcome. But their visits, gifts and communication brought special joy to the pupils of the Muslim orphanage "Perzent".

This time, the power engineers came to the children to hold an auyzashar – a dinner served after sunset during the Muslim fasting period. 670 thousand tenge was collected. This money allowed them to hold auyzashar for 43 children of "Perzent", as well as to donate a washing machine at the request of the orphanage.

– Thanks to the support of many employees of the company, we were able to realise this project, for which we are very grateful to them all. The children, together with their carer, expressed their gratitude in a very touching way. We are impressed by their responsiveness, politeness and kindness, said Aizada Tleukhan, Chief Specialist of the Personnel Training Department. – I can say that AlES youth responded with great joy to the idea of organizing a charity dinner for children of "Perzent". We believe that every person has the opportunity to show kindness, to participate, to help. Especially if it is needed by the youngest citizens of the country who are left without parents and relatives.

At the same time, many people in the company believe that charity and kindness are appropriate not only on holidays or occasions. It is possible to show warmth and support in everyday life as well.

– I am very happy that we were able to come to those who really needed our participation, said Akerke Yembergenova, chief specialist of the WHC personnel sector. – I was thrilled that we were able to open our hearts to the children, care for them, and spend time with them. The atmosphere was very warm and joyful, because the kids really needed communication and attention. We were able to bring them joy. I cannot describe in words the happiness that overflows from the dialogue with them. That is why we want to organize similar events for the needy more often. And I wish love, peace and goodness to all people during these days of Ramazan!

The orphanage is a Muslim one, and here the children who are older already keep the fast. That is why the arrival of adult friends, who held auyzashar according to all canons of Islam and supported them in their faith, will remain in the children's memory for a long time as a very important spiritual event.

– We are glad that we were able to contribute to this good deed, says Asset Amirbekov, Head of Repair Service of CHPP-1 named after B.Orazbayev, Chairman of the Youth Organization Zharkyn Bolashak. – I think that if every person contributes to charity, the world will change for the better. Our message to the people of Kazakhstan is to hold similar actions with your colleagues. It really unites young people, all employees. Live with the thought, how can you be useful to people? After all, there are still so many people in the world who cannot do without the help of others. I sincerely express my gratitude to all participants of our action for their contribution to a good common cause.

For the power engineers who met with the children from the Perzent orphanage for the first time, communication with them was an eye-opening experience that brought a lot of emotions.

– Going through the experience of participation in the charity event, I felt inner joy and satisfaction, seeing smiles on children's faces, – Dina Abdimazhit, a process engineer of the Setup and Environmental Protection Shop of CHPP-1 named after B.Orazbayev, does not hide her feelings. – Participation in this noble cause gave me the opportunity to feel useful and important for society. And the smiles on the children's faces left bright, unforgettable traces in my heart.

Vladimir Sayenko, shift supervisor of the electric station CHPP-3, was also very impressed by the trip to the orphanage.

– I spent this evening with auzashar next to a three-year-old boy Ibrahim. He is a wonderful child, very independent for his age. We talked to him in Kazakh and Russian languages. All the children here speak two languages fluently, and my heart was filled with both bitterness and joy, Vladimir said. – Bitterness from the fact that so many children of different ages are left without parents for various reasons. And joy – from the fact that you can at least for a short time give a child a little love, care and attention. I noticed that all the children here are friends and care for each other. They grow up like in a big family. The children have such bright, burning eyes exploring the world. I hope there will be more than one more opportunity to spend time with such wonderful children. By the way, I have a daughter almost this age. And a son is about to be born. But my wife and I decided a long time ago that we will definitely give parental love to one child, and we will do it soon.

Many participants of the trip to the orphanage "Perzent" experienced excitement and sincere shock. Perhaps more than the children themselves. After all, for many adults, meeting another world where children grow up without parental love and care was a shocking discovery.

– When the children entered the building, we started to worry... It's impossible to put these feelings into words, said Esem Saduakas, a chemical engineer at ZTK. – The children energised us with good emotions. It was interesting to communicate with them. Burning eyes and their sincere smiles remained in my memory. Children showed that it is always possible to be happy and satisfied with what we have. May Allah grant good health and all blessings to Amina apai, who created and heads this orphanage...

None of the participants of the trip to the children remained indifferent.

– I am glad that I was able to take part in this wonderful event. Our charity project was successful thanks to the support of colleagues from JSC AlES who participated in its preparation, – says Akniyet Aitkali, electrician of 5th category of PRC Energoremont. To see the smiles on the faces of children who received not only delicious food, but also care and attention, was just incredible. I am proud that I was able to contribute to this wonderful project, and I am sure that this is only the beginning of our charity work. Thank you to everyone who took part and supported us in this action!