Just executed his duty

For high professionalism and taking timely measures to prevent occupational injuries and accidents to the employee, the senior machinist of the turbine shop of CHPP-2 named after А.Zhakutov Rustembek Ospanbayev has been honoured for his high professionalism and for taking timely measures to prevent occupational injuries and accidents to the employee. Rustembek Ospanbayev was rewarded with a cash bonus in the amount of one month's salary.

The corresponding order was signed by the management of JSC AlES. Colleagues are sincerely happy for Rustembek, and Shalkar Unai, a machinist-operator of fuel shop, congratulates him with special gratitude.

Remembering 4 December 2023, when the accident happened, Rustambek Ospanbayev, senior machinist of the turbine department of the 6th grade of the fuel shop, says:

– I came to work in the evening, inspected all the equipment and took the evening shift. I received a command from the shift supervisor to withdraw the steam pipeline of 6 atmospheres and went together with Shalkar Unai, the auxiliary equipment machinist of the 5th category, to the mark + 6 metres to withdraw the pipeline for repair. During the withdrawal of the pipeline there was a strong water shock. The pipeline ruptured. The young driver Shalkar did not know what to do at that moment. Noticing this, I realised that I had to help him to quickly remove to a safe place. Human life and safety must always come first!

As noted by specialists of A.Zhakutov CHPP-2, that day the turbine shop personnel carried out scheduled switching operations to repair a section of the plant's auxiliary steam pipeline. At 00:15 a.m. during switching operations on the auxiliary steam pipeline there was a rupture with the release of a large amount of steam from the place of damage.

In the zone of steaming of the gallery of pipelines at the level of +12 m, with zero visibility and a threat to life, there was Shalkar Unai, a machinist-overman, sent earlier to perform switching operations on the withdrawal of this section of the steam pipeline. Then Rustembek Ospanbayev, senior machinist of the turbine shop, took all necessary measures in difficult conditions of the accident and took the worker out of the danger zone, realising that they could get thermal burns. He promptly and correctly assessed the risks, reacted in time and made the only right decision.

– This is the concept of "Vision Zero" or "Zero Injuries from Golden Rules", comments Alexander Chekalin, Head of the Occupational Health and Safety Service at CHPP-2. – It allows us to identify threats, control risks that unite three areas – safety, occupational health and employee well-being at all levels of production and operation.

The knowledge, intuition and quick reaction of a power engineer made it possible to avoid a big disaster. Daulet Shaykhibassov, Head of Turbine Shop at CHPP-2, emphasised the importance of Rustembek Ospanbayev's timely response to the situation and the measures he took to evacuate a worker with little experience from a high-risk area.

– The scorching of the room due to the rupture of a steam line created conditions in which visibility is reduced to zero. Orientation in space becomes extremely difficult, he explains. – For workers with little experience, such conditions are particularly dangerous, as lack of experience can lead to panic or inappropriate actions. This increases the risk of injury. Rustembek Ospanbayev showed not only professionalism but also a deep understanding of safety principles when he quickly assessed the situation and made the decision to evacuate. His actions show how important it is for every employee to have the knowledge and skills to remain calm and act thoughtfully in a critical situation.

It is noteworthy that after taking measures to evacuate his colleague to a safe place, Rustembek took part in the elimination of the emergency situation at the plant. Thus, he helped in the prompt restoration of the equipment operation mode.