Topical issues of the social agenda were discussed at the traditional annual reporting meetings in JSC AlES

The meetings were held on 11-13 March 2024 in all production departments of the company. AlES management presented a report on the results of work in 2023 in the field of corporate social responsibility, which is in line with the ongoing ESG policy. Questions of interest to the company's employees were also answered.

This is the 14th time that the current Corporate Social Responsibility Report has been put up for discussion by the labour collective. First of all, the document focuses on the performance indicators – production and financial, which are also the basis for fulfilment of all social obligations of the Companу.

As noted in the report of the management of JSC Almaty Electric Stations, in 2023 the team worked well and coped with the planned tasks. The company fulfilled the plan for electricity generation at 101%. The best performance in this position is at Kapshagayskaya HPP named after Sh. Chokin, which index was 124% and at TPP-1 named after B.Orazbayev was 109%. In terms of heat supply, the company managed to 100% with a small plus margin: with a plan of 5581 thousand Gcal delivered to consumers 5582 thousand Gcal.

The plan for the supply of chemically treated water was also fulfilled with an indicator of 104%. Accordingly, the financial indicators were also improved. The company is well regarded in the city and heard by the citizens – over 565 image materials were published in 2023. This is a very important work, considering how much interest and attention to the work of energy companies in the country. Therefore, JSC AlES pursues a transparent, open policy in order to inform the population about the company's activities in a timely and complete manner and to prevent inaccurate information, misconceptions.

An important aspect of the company's activity is environmental protection measures and environmental responsibility. The total amount of expenses for these purposes totalled 3.918 bln. KZT in 2023. This allowed the company to maintain the level of emissions into the atmosphere throughout the year in accordance with the established norms, avoid emergency water discharges, and comply with all established norms on water consumption.

The company strictly fulfilled its obligations on waste management, protection of land resources and rational use of subsoil. The Company also carried out a number of environmental actions. For example, in 2023 alone, 68 kg of household batteries were handed in as part of the "Batteries – a second life" campaign. Over the last three years, the company's employees recycled 184 kg of batteries and 38.6 tonnes of waste paper.

Rationalisers also contributed to the company's performance; they submitted 14 rationalisation proposals, 12 of them were approved and 7 were implemented. For these innovations the co-authors were paid remuneration in the amount of more than 3.6 mln. KZT. Support of rationalisation – one of the important directions in work with personnel. Rationalisers – the highest level of professional level of an employee and the company aims to promote the qualitative growth of all station personnel at all levels of production.

Today the total staff of the company consists of 3,089 people, including 2,930 production personnel. JSC AlES has a multi-stage system of personnel training and development. It starts with industrial and pre-graduation internship of students of specialised universities, such as NJSC "Almaty University of Power Engineering and Communications" and SE "Almaty State College of Power Engineering and Electronic Technologies". In 2023, 88 people passed it. At the same time, 61 young specialists under the age of 25 were employed by the Company. Currently, 15 people are studying at universities and colleges at the expense of JSC AlES. At the end of the year their number totalled 227 people. As part of dual training, 172 students have been trained since 2018 in working specialities at CHPP-1.

Systematic training in the personnel training department is also of great importance for increasing human resources potential. According to statistics, it takes up to 3 months to train a new employee. For the year 2023, the training indicator was 2446 man/hours. Production and technical training in departments totalled 1,973 man/hours. And 314 people were trained at the welding range of PRE "Energoremont". A total of 3,095 employees of the plant underwent vocational training in 2023. 109.4 mln. KZT was allocated for these purposes.

Personnel growth and career advancement are also very important for specialists. Thus, 26 employees were appointed from the personnel reserve in 2023. Now there are 308 people in the production personnel reserve. And in the strategic personnel reserve there are 96 people, exactly one third of them are women. Personnel work, especially with production personnel, is more important for the company, because the Almaty market of labour specialties is deficient, and specialists trained in JSC AlES are in high demand there. Unfortunately, in many respects, that is why the level of staff turnover is 11%, when people are lured by salaries, positions, social package.

The Company understands well that the work with personnel requires systematic work, and not only in matters of social comfort, and makes considerable efforts to this end. Thus, AlES constantly measures a number of social indices, which allow identifying and solving issues of concern to employees. Accordingly, adequate measures are taken.

Most of the time during the meeting was taken up by the dialogue between the management and employees. There were no prohibited topics, so relevant questions were asked on all topics. The top line of the rating of questions from the staff was wage increase. – On 1 April, all categories of employees will receive an additional indexation of monthly salaries by 8%, said Chairman of the Management Board Yerik Mashirov, who pleased the employees.

It is planned that the minimum amount in the current year will be 207,610 KZT. In 2023 it was at the level of 184,730 KZT. By the way, the total payments under the social package totalled 1,797 mln. KZT last year.

Responding to the question about the poor quality of overalls Yerik Mashirov informed that this year will be revised requirements for overalls. Four companies have already taken samples of overalls for experimental wear. Based on the results of the experiment, the company will determine the recommended types of fabric for workwear. The Head of the Management Board also said that in 2024 employees of production departments will be additionally provided with hot meals at the expense of the company.

One of the topical issues for employees, the meeting showed, is the introduction of a mechanism of mortgage lending to employees with the mandatory condition of working until the full repayment of the mortgage.

– JSC AlES will work out the issue with the banks of the second level and this year will make proposals for the introduction of the mechanism of mortgage lending to employees with the mandatory condition of working until full repayment of the mortgage – promised the Chairman of the Board of JSC AlES. He also assured employees that in 2024 JSC Almaty Electric Stations will continue its sustainable development in the field of corporate social responsibility.

His interlocutors in turn agreed that regular meetings and frank conversation allow to solve to everyone's satisfaction, both issues related to production and social problems of the collective. As a result, a positive social and production climate of the company and a strong corporate spirit are formed.