Create good for peace

Traditions of celebrating Nauryz are inherent in the manifestation of kindness, compassion, cordiality. They illuminate the holidays give the meeting of spring a special spirituality. It is not by chance that one of them is celebrated as the Day of Mercy. This year it fell on 15 March, when everyone can and should show care and attention to those who need help and support.

For the employees of AlES JSC, whose kindness and desire to help have long become an integral part of everyday life, this day is also special. For many years the company has been supporting sponsored orphanages and retirement homes, providing their residents with as much help as possible, making their lives more cosy and comfortable, sharing both warmth of heart and necessary or desirable gifts. It is valuable that this help is not standard, but often necessary or simply according to the situation.

For example, as the help of power engineers on the current Day of Mercy. After the strongest and atypical for Almaty snowfall on 14 March, employees of CHPP-3 rushed to help their sponsored Children's Home in the Zhuldyz neighbourhood in the early morning today.

During the night, many branches and trees fell on the territory of the orphanage, and it was impossible for the teachers and carers to cope with such a large amount of work. The orphanage is home to 68 children aged from three to 18, and it is understandable that it would be difficult for the staff to deal with the children and simultaneously eliminate the consequences of the unprecedented snowfall in March. Therefore, the power engineers had no time to think about it.

– We were able to clean and remove three KamAZ of branches and firewood to ensure the safety of the children, says Kanat Azimkhanov, Leading Engineer of the Electrical Shop of CHPP-3. – There are 42 people living there. We did it quickly, because we wanted to help the children and we are glad that our help came on the Day of Mercy. I think it is very symbolic. And it turned out that the firewood and branches we collected at the Children's Home were useful for the residents of the Iliyskiy District Nursing Home, where we delivered them.

On the same day, 22-year-old Beibarys Khassanov, who recently survived the tragic death of his parents and was left with three children in his arms, was not left without attention. Now Beibarys has two underage brothers and a student sister in his care. Employees of Kapshagayskaya HPP named after Sh.Chokin have not remained indifferent to his fate and since the tragedy have been supporting him, trying with their moral and material support to mitigate the bitterness of loss and provide a shoulder for help.

The Day of Mercy is another reason for the staff of PRC "Energoremont" to support their colleague Assyl Mukashev, a manual electric welder. His family is experiencing serious financial difficulties, and his colleagues are always ready to help him by supporting him with food baskets and money. And all the more so on the Day of Mercy.

Maksim Burundukov, a boiler operator, 4th grade, of the boiler shop of WHC, also finds himself in a very difficult life situation. He has five children, one of whom is disabled. It was fate that he turned out to be the only breadwinner for them. The family's income is small, and without the support of his colleagues and friends, it would be very difficult for him to cope with the problems that have come upon him.

The station tries not only to help him financially, but also pays close attention to his work schedule. For example, during the shutdown of the WHC, he goes to work at PRC "Energoremont", which allows him to keep his earnings. Colleagues speak warmly and sympathetically about Maksim Evgenyevich, who has been working at AlES JSC since 2008 and is always ready to help.

On the Day of Mercy everyone can show their best qualities. Power engineers do it, practically not flaunting their good deeds. And often others tell about them. So, Aytkali Akniyet, electrician on repair of electric equipment of power station Electrical Equipment Repair Shop-1 told on this day about kindness, responsibility, soulful responsiveness of Assyl Omurzhanovich Mukashev. "He always fulfils his tasks on time and is always ready to help others, and we support him", says Aitkali Akniyet.

It is said that by doing good, we not only give, but also gain much more – not material, but spiritual and mental balance. Therefore, it is possible to do good always and everywhere, even without being strong and rich, as demonstrated by Almaty power engineers.

They are sure that to change someone's life for the better, to light up the day with a smile and warmth, it is enough to be kind, responsive and merciful. The Day of Mercy reminds us all of this on the bright and beautiful holiday Nauryz, which lasts just long enough for everyone to generously share their kindness with others...