Open dialogue with the Chairman

The past Saturday morning was spent in a non-trivial and useful way by representatives of the youth organisation of JSC AlES, who took part in a breakfast – a meeting without ties with the Chairman of the Management Board of the Company Yerik Kanyshbekovich Mashirov. For the dialogue over a cup of tea in the restaurant "Dushes" they prepared various questions, which are of concern primarily to the working youth of the company, and according to the feedback of the participants, they received comprehensive answers, as well as a good impression and confidence in the success of the company.

Of course, the format of the meeting was unexpected for many. Although understandable – the young recently appointed Chairman of the JSC uses all modern communication opportunities and wants to better understand what the company is doing and what its employees are concerned about. Not only in production, but also in ordinary life.

It should be reminded that Yerik Mashirov became the head of the Management Board of JSC AlES on 3 July 2023, and on 28 July of the same year he was elected to the Board of Directors of the company. This is a very big responsibility, which he took on, in anticipation of the upcoming modernization of Almaty TPP-2 and in general – the active phase of implementation of the company's transition to ESG standards. They formulate the key criteria of global development of modern economy and its structures: environmental (E – environmental), social (S – social) and governance (G – governance), which are related to the effectiveness of management. And it is precisely this dialogue with the representatives of the collective, in this case with young people, that serves as an accurate tuning chamber for the development strategy adjustment.

Most of the frank conversation was devoted to industrial and social issues. One of them concerned career prospects, which is natural for a young audience. For example, the chairman's young interlocutors were interested in whether it was possible to rotate specialists between departments and whether there would be a salary increase to keep young people in production?

The issues of sports and cultural development of employees were also discussed with interest. Power engineers were very interested in the possibilities of activating sports life in the company. They believe that so far the motivation of the staff to participate in sports activities is low, and therefore they were interested in the possibilities of providing gyms and equipment with discounted season tickets from the company.

Well, the convenience of the workplace is also important for today's young and creative employees. And although the question of whether it is possible to change the furniture at the workplace, caused a smile, in such a modern science as ergonomics of the workplace, it is detailed. According to experts, ergonomics is responsible for how comfortable it is for an employee to perform his duties during the day and not get tired. So the principles of creating convenience are very important for increasing the efficiency of production. And at any workplace – in the office, remotely, in the workshop.

And what did the participants of this meeting learn for themselves? They have a word.

Laura Baibulanova, RPA fitter at CHPP-3

"I had imagined the meeting with the Chairman of the Management Board of JSC AlES Erik Kanyshbekovich a little differently, but it definitely exceeded all my expectations. After a brief acquaintance, in a calm and relaxed tone he started the conversation, telling us about his professional path. His story was genuinely interesting, mesmerizing in places.

The atmosphere was light, we seemed to pick up on that spirit immediately and all the excitement was left behind. I think we all got a good boost of energy and motivation.

What impressed me most of all was the professionalism and great responsibility with which he carries out his work. And also, his ability to motivate the team, setting them up to achieve common goals. Thanks to his leadership and the persistence of young people, I am sure our company will achieve great results and become one of the best in the country!"

Asset Amirbekov, Head of Repair Service of CHPP-1

"Once again I am convinced that only patriotism, love for one's country and work provide benefits and lead to success. We need to change our thinking and start with ourselves, asking, "What contribution can I make to my company?"

We need to work to develop ourselves without feeling sorry for ourselves. We often feel sorry for ourselves and put off our plans for tomorrow, but every day gives us a chance to win, gives us moments to prove ourselves and become better. We need to live in such a way that we can be "today better than yesterday, and tomorrow better than today".

There are chances for success in life every day, but not everyone notices them. And we need to do everything for our own development. As they say, success will always find its master. This is what I realized after meeting with our CEO, and once again I was convinced of it all".

Aidar Beisenov, chief specialist-technologist of electric machine shop of Kapshagayskaya HPP n.a. Sh.Chokin


"The informal meeting with the Chairman of the Management Board was a real source of inspiration for our active young people. In a light and pleasant atmosphere, we had the unique opportunity to hear a success story told by the leader of the company himself.

His story was not only exciting but also inspiring, emphasizing that hard work and perseverance really do open the door to success. It was not only a process of sharing experience, but also a real immersion into the world of wisdom and professionalism. We hope that such meetings will become a tradition, filling us with energy for new achievements".


Dina Abdimazhit, engineer-technologist of adjustment and environmental protection shop of CHPP-1 n.a. B.Orazbayev


"During the meeting, the Chairman of the Management Board of JSC "AlES" delicately, but at the same time convincingly shared his personal success stories, revealed his methods and principles of work and life that helped him to achieve his goals.

His story about overcoming difficulties, perseverance, striving for self-development and continuous improvement inspired me and opened a new perspective on my own capabilities. I became convinced that the key aspect of achieving success is not only talent, but also perseverance, determination and belief in oneself".


Aizada Tleukhan, economist, Repair Service of CHPP-1 n.a. B.Orazbayev



"It was incredibly helpful and very educational. I now know that regardless of other people's opinions and situations, you have to move forward in life. We received a charge of vigor and a good incentive for further actions. After the meeting I was inspired.

I have set myself clear goals and will try to realize them".




Dias Zhienkulov, 4th grade electrician on duty at WTC






 "I enjoyed the meeting. I discovered a lot of things about myself. I set myself new goals. I hope to meet again".





Dias Asylbek, Leading Engineer for Production Management Organisation, PRE "Energoremont"

"I would like to share my feedback about my meeting with the Chairman of the Management Board of JSC AlES. This person turned out to be not only a highly qualified professional, but also an outstanding personality capable of inspiring others.

During the meeting I felt his deep understanding of the current situation in the energy industry and his excellent vision of its future. He demonstrated a high level of expertise and a clear understanding of the challenges facing energy companies today.

However, I am most impressed by his leadership skills and his ability to motivate his team. He is able to instil in those around him a sense of responsibility and a desire to achieve high results. His insightful approach and ability to recognise the potential in people has impressed me immensely.

Miras Madikasymov, electrician on repair of RPA equipment, 5th grade, ETC WTC



"Got a lot of positive emotions. Very good setting, atmosphere, open audience. I will be glad to meet again in this format and space. Very interesting and useful way of information exchange and communication. The meeting is very informative, creates a mood for further promotion and development".





Darkhan Baikenov, Head of ETL, HPP Cascade



"The meeting with the Chairman of the Management Board of JSC AlES was held in an informal atmosphere. We had a dialogue on various topics. The head of the company presented his vision of the future development of the company, he also shared his opinion on how to achieve success in work.

The meeting was informative and creates a mood for further advancement and development".




Bekzat Kalelov, RPA electrician of 4th category of the CHPP-1 n.a. B.Orazbayev



"I really enjoyed the meeting with the Chairman of the Management Board, which was held in a pleasant atmosphere. We learnt about Yerik Kanyshbekovich's career.

Being a religious person, I was deeply influenced by his life principles and beliefs. After this meeting, my confidence in the future increased. I am glad that such an educated, patriotic citizen has come to lead our company!"