First-hand knowledge: a study tour for schoolchildren to Sh.Chokin Kapshagay HPP

November 21, 2023 was a day full of discoveries and impressions for 34 students of 10th grade of Kazakh school "Zaman School", when they started an exciting journey on Kapshagay hydroelectric power plant named after Sh.Chokin. The purpose of this trip was not only to keep the students interested in different fields, but also to help them in self-determination as part of career guidance.

For many of the children, the visit to the energy facility was a real discovery of new knowledge. They saw with their own eyes how a hydroelectric power plant works, what technologies are used to generate electricity and learned what role a hydroelectric power plant plays in providing electricity.

Shakey Ayim, a 10th grade student, said she was impressed by the visit to the hydropower plant: "It was not only fascinating but also exciting. I learned a lot about hydroelectric power plants. It was interesting to see all the equipment in action. I also learned about how HPP affects the environment and how it monitors its contribution to the protection of nature. It was a great experience for me".

For student Serik Batyr, the visit to the HPP was very informative. He learned not only about where the electricity in the houses comes from, but also about how the station is set up. Serik was very surprised to learn how much had been done to build the dam and set up everything around it for the hydropower plant to work.

Samat Hamit, school teacher and career guidance counselor, expressed his gratitude to the HPP staff for their hospitality and informative tour, which was inspiring for all students.

The opportunity to see the actual working process of a hydroelectric power plant proved to be a valuable experience for the teens, helping them to better understand their interests and be inspired to further study this science.