Energy in action: team building «Life of one battery» in the chemical shop of CHPP-2 named after A.Zhakutov.

At the end of November, an original and unusual event was held in the chemical shop of the station: a team building event dedicated to the theme "Life of one battery". The whole staff of the workshop took part in it, five teams were formed. Their task was to collect used batteries and prepare a material on the harm of batteries on human health and the environment, as well as to defend their work. As a result, 12 kg of batteries were collected by common efforts and handed over to the station's ecologists.

The Day Staff team made wooden boxes for collecting batteries for their project, and Anastasia Tsyva artistically decorated them.

– We installed a "Save the Planet – Get Candy" box in our department's dining hall. Each employee had the opportunity to receive candy in exchange for a used battery. Not only was it convenient, but it also motivated workers to take an active part in battery collection. We feel it will be necessary to install such boxes in all departments. And, if everyone responds to this project, we will be able to preserve our nature, our Motherland, – shared Asel Yusupova, chemical water treatment apparatus worker, captain of the "Day Staff" team.

Galiya Biturina, an apparatus operator for preparation of chemical reagents and the leader of the "Watch B" team, discovered a lot of new information about batteries. She suggested better informing the public about the dangers of used batteries through the media and installing special battery collection boxes near stores.

– Most of all we were interested in the topic about the harm of used batteries when they get into the soil, water and their proper disposal. While we were collecting batteries we realized that our relatives, family and friends don't know about it either, continued Galiya Biturina.

The results of the team building were summarized by the jury members: Natalia Mogilevets, Head of Logistics Department, Maksat Tusupov, Deputy Head of Workshop, and Venera Musaeva, Economist. They noted the high level of preparation of the teams, serious and professional approach of each of them.


Asel Shikobayeva, an apparatusman for preparation of chemical reagents, captain of the team "Watch G" emphasized that holding such events in the chemical shop is very happy for the team, everyone is actively involved in the process. At the end of the event, Watch G won first place in the competition. And battery collection boxes will now be permanently installed in the station's canteen and cafeteria.

Team building on the theme "Life of one battery" not only helped to unite the team, but also made an important contribution to education about the need to respect nature.