CHP-3: Sunday «chemical» team building

At CHP-3, the staff of the chemical workshop traditionally celebrates its second holiday – Chemist's Day. The end of May this year was no exception. It is customary for workers to celebrate the holiday with a trip to Turgen.

– During the pandemic, the team has been significantly updated, many young people have come. Everyone enthusiastically agreed to the proposal to continue the tradition of celebrating Chemist's Day. Going to nature strengthened the relationship and united our team. We organized intellectual games and sports competitions, said Indira Suleimenova, head of the chemical department of the station.


Sultan Bektemisov, an apparatchik of the chemical workshop, has been working at the CHP-3 for four months:

– This is my first labor collective. During this time, I managed to work with everyone. Participation in team building allowed to communicate with colleagues in an informal setting. Thanks to our management for a great vacation!

Aidana Bektayeva, a laboratory assistant at the chemical workshop, really liked the interesting games organized by the employees. She believes that it was thanks to the exciting games that the holiday was fun and interesting. Prizes are organized for the winners. A dastarkhan is set for everyone.





– A month has passed since I came out of a two year maternity leave and returned to my favorite job, – continued Zhemys Kyrykbaeva, a laboratory assistant at the chemical workshop. And immediately I got to the holiday. Various sports events and quizzes, songs and dances were held. I liked it very much. I am grateful to Indira Tolegalimovna, who runs the chemical workshop, strengthens our cohesion, organizes team building.

The Sunday holiday flew by in one breath, having been charged with fresh air and positive emotions in nature, the station employees continue to give light and warmth with pleasure.