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At the beginning of May 2023, representatives of AlES JSC visited the production facilities of Mosenergo PJSC

Projects for the construction of gas turbine units at CHP-2 and CHP-3 pose new challenges to the company's personnel. Their practical implementation will begin in the second half of this year. To study the successful experience, the AlES delegation visited two stations of PJSC Mosenergo.

CHP-27 is a new power plant in the system of PJSC Mosenergo. It is the same age as Almaty CHP-2, but more powerful. Its installed electric capacity is 1,060 MW, and its installed thermal capacity is 1,876 Gcal/h. In 2005, it was decided to further develop CHP-27 based on the latest technology of the combined cycle. In three years, two combined-cycle power units with a capacity of 450 MW were built. Control and management of technological processes of the third and fourth power units is carried out from a single central control panel.

CHP-23 is the largest power plant of PJSC Mosenergo, it provides electric and thermal energy to more than 2 million people in the capital. The installed electric capacity of the station is 1,420 MW, and the installed thermal capacity is 4,530 Gcal/h. The principle of its operation is similar to our CHP-1, when it burned coal with the difference of a dust preparation system, ball drum mills are installed instead of roller mills, as at our CHP-3.

– The staff of the stations willingly shared the issues of operation and repair of the CCGT units, – said Gaziy Ismukhambetov, – Managing Director of Production – Chief Engineer of JSC AlES. – It turned out to be new for us that special attention should be paid to the quality of filters for gas turbine air purification plants. For this purpose, a special entrance control was organized by the laboratory according to the methodology developed by order of PJSC Mosenergo. Siemens gas turbines have worked more than 200 thousand hours, no defects or defects have been identified during this time.

Sergey Barmin, Deputy Chief Engineer of CHP-3, noted the high level of qualification of personnel who ensure trouble-free operation.

– The process of commissioning the PSU for personnel was carried out in stages, starting with preliminary theoretical training, internship during commissioning and controlled operation with the participation of representatives of the manufacturer. This approach is used in our company today. Today we have the first stage – theoretical training, – Sergey Barmin continued.

The head of the operation Department, Alexey Scriabin, liked the presence of a system for centralized repair of power equipment by his own unit.

– This enterprise is technically equipped and has all the possibilities for high-quality repair and machining of technologically complex power equipment units. Mosenergo plans to organize a cycle of manufacturing elements of gas turbines, the supply of which is difficult today. It should be noted that this division is similar to our PRP "Energoremont", – Alexey Scriabin shared his opinion.

Vladimir Sosnitsky, the head of the VET of the Western Thermal Complex, was surprised by the fuel depot of CHP-23, whose work is fully automated. Its control is carried out by means of a "mouse" from the operator's PC monitor.

AlES employees believe that the trip was a success, many questions were answered, explanations and clarifications were received.

For reference: PJSC has 15 power plants with an installed electric capacity of 12.6 thousand . MW. Also, as part of Mosenergo, there are district and quarterly heating stations, district heat and power supply stations. The installed thermal capacity of the company is 44.1 thousand. Gcal/h. Mosenergo's power plants supply over 50% of the electric energy consumed in the Moscow region and provide about 90% of Moscow's thermal energy needs.