FRUC celebrated the anniversary with one family

In April 2023, the Fuel Receiving and Unloading Center celebrated its 25th anniversary. 15 energy veterans who have worked in the department for more than a dozen years, station directors, as well as all employees, primarily working staff, were invited to the anniversary.

Managing Director of Production – Chief Engineer of JSC "AlES" Gaziy Ismukhambetov congratulated colleagues and veteran power engineers, wished them further success in fulfilling the important tasks facing the FRUC team. He noted that combining the personnel of three power plants in one unit made it possible to use it promptly at the necessary facilities.

The Director of the FRUC Ulan Abdualiyev in his welcoming speech congratulated all employees, expressed his respect for the veterans of the FRUC and confidence in the further successful work of the department.

Baktybek Sholanbayev, the first director of the FRUC, stressed that the department has no analogues in the energy industry not only in Kazakhstan, but also in the CIS. The uniqueness of the FRUC of JSC "AlES" is that it was created according to the European standard. This separate division in the structure of the company performs the functions of another industry not related to energy. Our division has taken over all the headache of the management of the CHP associated with problems on the part of the railway! And one of the main achievements for us was and still is the absence of multimillion-dollar fines for idle cars that we paid to the railway.

Anatoly Fishchenko, Deputy director of the FRUC has been working for 25 years. By the way, the first car that was unloaded onto the car dumpers was his car. For 25 years, there have been big changes in the amount of cargo handled. If in 1999 28,710 units of rolling stock were received, now an average of 49,000 units per year.

During the solemn event, the employees were awarded certificates of honor.

Certificates of honor were awarded to Akylbek Berishov, the locomotive driver of the section at the CHP-2, Mergalim Tumarbayev, the track fitter of the track economy of the railway section, Saken Nurakhmetov, the loader of the section at the CHP-3.


– All our veterans and pensioners came. I worked with them. We had a warm chat. All veterans were dressed in chapans. It was very touching and pleasant, said Saule Kurumbayeva, TB engineer. She has been working at the FRUC since the very foundation of the department.

Ermek Sariev started as a track fitter, now works as a locomotive driver: "We are very grateful to the management and the trade union for organizing a wonderful event. We have a wonderful team that works well and knows how to relax together".

– Our holiday was opened by veterans. They gave us a bata blessing. I am grateful to the company that I was able to get an education at the energy college. We have a friendly, close-knit team. I think that the celebration dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the department was a success, Zhanibek Nurgabiev, senior master of the CHP-2 site, shared his impressions.

Darkhan Keneshkaliyev, a PTD specialist, believes that there is a cohesive unified team working in the FRUC, which celebrated the anniversary with one family.

I really liked everything. I acted as Timothy. We all actively participated. Everything went in one breath, – Nauryzbek Kuzenov, Senior Inspector for HSE, shared his impressions.

Congratulations to all FRUC employees on their anniversary. We wish you fruitful and trouble-free work.