Most of all I like the process of creation...

Dmitry Zaporozhets, Head of the Communications Service of AlES JSC, told about his hobby

Interest in alternative energy appeared a long time ago, about 10 years ago. The use of solar energy does not harm nature. In addition, during periods of blackout, it gives some independence from our power system. My house is located in the village, and this is very relevant. I assembled the first panel in 2017. Due to the high cost of equipment and panels, initially it was necessary to order solar cells separately, solder them together, spread them on pre-cut glass and pour special composite glue. Independently assembled each panel. The power of one panel was approximately 90 watts. For a couple, three evenings after work, I created the first panel, and before that it took a couple of months to study the manufacturing technology and purchase the appropriate materials.

In two months, I assembled twelve panels that generated about a kilowatt of electricity in good sunny weather. Inverters and controllers for panels were also purchased in stages. In 2019, the homemade panels were replaced with twenty-two factory panels with a capacity of seven kilowatts, two synchronized inverters with a total capacity of eight kilowatts were installed.

Most of all in this work I like the process of creation. I found all the necessary information on the Internet, but I did all the calculations myself.

The roof of the veranda on the south side of the house is organized from panels, inverters, controllers and batteries are installed on a rack in the basement of the house. There were no difficulties during the assembly and installation of the solar panel, it was just necessary to handle the glass carefully during the installation of the panels.

Today it is necessary to maintain the system in working order. This is preventive maintenance and minor repairs if necessary. The period of operation of solar panels, declared by the manufacturer, is 20 years. Each panel outputs 330 watts. With all the advantages of solar panels, there is also one big minus, this is the conservation of generated energy! This requires high-capacity batteries, and this is very expensive.

I find it difficult to recommend this hobby to anyone, it is still very expensive. But to share your experience with people interested, it's always welcome.