The opportunity to learn about vacancies and the employer first-hand

Representatives of AlES participated in the Job Fair, which was held at the Gumarbek Daukeev AUES at the end of April 2023

– The event is organized at a high level. The fair was attended by students of the best universities of the city – AUES, KazNU, KBTU and others. Many students came with prepared resumes, asked a lot of questions about production and development opportunities, – shared Zhadyra Soltanova, head of the HR Department of A.Zhakutov CHP-2, a representative of the company at the fair. – There were many people who wanted to know about our company. At the fair, I was once again convinced that our company is keeping up with the times.

This year, not only employees of human resources departments are invited to the Job Fair, but also two young specialists, graduates of AUE 2021. The guys in overalls, helmets and stood out from the general background.

– I graduated from the university two years ago, I work in the turbine shop of the B.Orazbayev CHPP-1, – continued Elaman Tanirberdi, a locksmith for servicing the equipment of turbine shop power plants. – We explained to the graduates and showed by example that work in production is very interesting and exciting. They told us that we have a youth organization that actively conducts many interesting events.

Arailym Kuralbek, an electrician at the State Power Plant of the electric shop, spoke about the special attitude towards women in the company. She shared her impressions about the work.

– It is very interesting to work in production. And when the graduates found out all this and saw us in our beautiful uniform, they themselves expressed interest and started filling out questionnaires en masse, said Arailym Kuralbek, a representative of AlES and a graduate of AUE 2021.

Participation in the job fair made it possible for human resources workers to conduct mini interviews and at the initial stage determine future job applicants.

– The students were pleased with the lively interest in our field of activity. It was noticeable that young people really want to apply their knowledge to work. We have gathered a good harvest in the form of applicants' questionnaires, which we will invite for an interview directly at the station. I believe that we were not mistaken in taking our young workers with us. The students had the opportunity to communicate with the workers of the workshops themselves, to make sure that they really have the opportunity to work at large stations and confirm their qualifications. A young employee of the station, by his example the best "living informant and motivator" for applicants, – said Ainur Temirbayeva, head of the personnel Department of B.Ozbayev CHP-1.

The format of the fair was very lively and bright. Master classes from different employers were held in a relaxed atmosphere. Young, aspiring professionals had a unique opportunity to talk directly with employers, find out about available vacancies, and discuss working conditions. Students enthusiastically filled out questionnaires for further employment.