Unified energy

On April 18, 2023, JSC "AlES" held an online meeting on the report of the trade union organization of the NGO "Local Trade Union "Energia" for 2022

The meeting was attended by M.Tinikeev, Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Z.Umirbayeva, Chairman of the territorial association of trade unions "Trade Union Center of Almaty", deputy of the Maslikhat of Almaty, O.Bekbas, Chairman of the NGO "Kazakhstan Branch Trade Union of Power Engineers" and members of the trade union-employees of JSC "AlES".

– Today, the company's trade union unites 2,800 people, which is 89.5% of the total number of employees in AlES JSC. Trade union organizations have inspectors for safety and labor protection, commissions for social and labor disputes, conciliation, sports, mass and cultural and recreational work, said Serik Tymbasbayev, chairman of the trade union.

The activity of the trade union of Almaty Electric Stations JSC to protect the rights of the company's employees gives concrete results. This applies to remuneration, transport, catering, creation of proper living conditions, formation of corporate culture. The trade union is actively involved in improving the skills of young professionals, helping veterans, improving the health of employees and their families.

– Since the beginning of the activity of Almaty Electric Power Stations JSC (since February 2007), the parties to the social partnership, the employer and employees, represented by their permanent representative – the NGO "Local Trade Union "Energia", have concluded 7 editions of the Collective Agreement, – continued Yuri Shashkin, Head of the Department of Labor and Wages. – All these years, the parties have certainly observed the principle of not worsening the situation of employees, not only in comparison with the labor legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, general, sectoral and regional agreements, but also with the terms of the previously concluded editions of the company's collective agreement.

The activity of the trade union is not only a continuous defense of the interests of employees, where sometimes difficult negotiations with employers have to be conducted, but also real assistance to production. Take, for example, such a direction as labor protection. This is a priority area in trade union work.

– At the moment, JSC "AlES" employs 21 technical inspectors on labor protection. Technical inspectors were elected from among trade union activists and the most qualified workers – members of the trade union. They have the necessary knowledge and skills, are capable of exercising public control in the field of occupational safety and health by their business qualities, – said Aisulu Irzhanova, Chief Specialist of the Department of Industrial Safety and Labor Protection.

The members of the branch maintain constant communication with the labor collectives. They carefully consider complaints and appeals of members of labor collectives on social and labor issues. They keep under constant control the issues of providing workers with overalls, safety shoes and other personal protective equipment, provide the necessary legal assistance.

Every year, the trade union sends more than five hundred children on summer holidays. During its 50-year history, the children's recreation camp "Edelweiss" has received over 150 thousand children. Many of them have matured, matured and send their children here on vacation, and some of them have already grandchildren. Every year, the trade union buys New Year's gifts for the children of employees of JSC "AlES" and organizes Christmas trees with theatrical performances. And in June, he always holds a children's drawing contest. Its winners are awarded with diplomas and valuable gifts. Unemployed pensioners of JSC "AlES" do not remain without attention. By the Day of the Elderly in 2022, charitable assistance was provided to 1,141 pensioners of the company. By March 8, women working in the company and retired women of AlES JSC receive a one-time remuneration. The trade union provided charitable assistance to 260 low-income and large families, organized the purchase of a grocery basket. The employer, together with the trade union, organizes and conducts festive events, corporate evenings for state and national holidays.

Highly appreciating the level of work in JSC "AlES", the chairman of the Territorial Association of Trade Unions "Trade Union Center of Almaty", Zauresh Umirbayeva noted that the achievements and indicators of joint cooperation between the employer and the trade union should be considered exemplary.

Today we can confidently say that the AlES trade union is doing a lot of work, and, most importantly, every trade union member feels protected. The company has one of the best social packages in the industry. The trade union and the management of AlES do a lot to support and increase the prestige of the Labor Man.