Bright colors of everyday work

Workers of Kapshagai HPP named after Sh.Chokina continued the relay race "AlES vibe"

This is the fourth project in the AlES vibe challenge. A creative team of young specialists gathered at the station, who were able to implement it. The guys wrote the script. There were many positive moments during the filming, but there were also disappointments and unsuccessful takes. Everyone gave their best. Each participant revealed the hidden talents of acting.

– It was an unusual and exciting activity. The guys reacted with enthusiasm and humor, many variants of the script were offered. Our project fell on the month of March, so we decided to shoot with the addition of traditional tones: this is the dance "Kara Zhorga" in national costumes. We tried to combine it with modern trends, said Aidar Beisenov, the station's chief technology specialist.

Participation in the challenge left indelible impressions and brought bright colors to the working days of the Kapshagai HPP named after Sh.Chokin. Every employee of the station was ready to help, prompt and take part in the filming of episodes. The guys have done a lot of exciting work and invested team creativity to create high-quality content.

Regina Duarte – Yerkebulan Bayanbai, Senior RiE Master, Antonio Fagundes – Asset Gubashov, RZiA electrician, Gabriela Duarte – Zarina Satybayeva, Leading Procurement Economist of the Logistics Department, Fabio Assunson – Sagdat Esmakynov, RZiA electrician, Viviane Pazmanter – Erzat Kumarbekov, Senior Inspector for OT and TB, Dikmann Karolina – Dilnaz Kobegen, electrician for electrical equipment repair, Odilon Wagner – Botakoz Salmakeeva, Chief Specialist in TE and PB, Murilo Benisio – Aidar Beisenov, Chief Technologist, Otavio Augusto – Akpeyil Myrzagalikyzy, Head of Logistics Department.

Kapshagai HPP handed over the baton of the challenge "AlES vibe" to the staff of the Head Office.

Challenge "AlES vibe" Kapshagayskaya HPP named after Sh.Chokina, 11.04.2023