AlES workers planted 427 trees

In late March and early April, ash and apple seedlings were planted at A.Zhakutov CHPP-2 and B.Orazbayev CHPP-1.

– Planting trees is a noble thing. This is a great opportunity to leave your mark on the earth, to contribute to the improvement of the urban environment. Trees play an important role in increasing the biodiversity of cities. From year to year, the planting of trees on the territory of the station turns into a tradition, said Maksat Tusupov, Deputy head of the workshop for commissioning and environmental protection of CHP-2.

On the territory of the A.Zhakutov CHP-2, 350 seedlings were planted in the area of the well on the south side, and 50 trees were planted in front of the administrative building of the station.

– 25 children who showed a desire to participate in tree planting, received a charge of cheerfulness, positive emotions and pleasure from joint work. I hope that our seedlings will take root and will delight the station workers for a long time, continued Shapulat Berdibayev, process engineer of the commissioning and environmental activities workshop.

27 young seedlings of Pink Lady apple trees were planted on the territory of B.Orazbayev CHP-1 next to the administrative building.

– We want to see our station in greenery. And in the spring to admire the flowering of our apple trees. CHP-1 is located in the center of the megalopolis greening of the urban environment has a positive effect on the purity of atmospheric air, Damir Arbabayev, Deputy Director of CHP-1, shared his impressions.

Two stations gave a start to the green wave of the company. This year, more landscaping and landscaping activities are planned for the production departments.