A.Zhakutov CHPP-2: Sergei Taibomovich Lee, the station shift supervisor, was escorted to a well-deserved rest

On March 31, 2023, Sergey Taibomovich Li, the station shift supervisor, was retired at CHP-2.

Sergey Taybomovich, a professional in his field, mentor of young people, has worked at the station for 38 years.

– When choosing a profession, Alexey Lee, my father's brother, had a big role for me. He worked all his life in the energy sector, managed the enterprise of heating networks in Bishkek.

Therefore, Sergey Taybomovich confidently entered the Almaty Institute of Energy and Communications. After graduation, he was assigned to work at Ekibastuz GRES-1. Then in 1985 he moved to Almaty and began his career at the Almaty CHP-2, in the turbine shop.

He has worked his way up from a machinist of a crawler of auxiliary and main equipment, a machinist of the central heat control panel, a senior machinist of the shop, a shift supervisor of the turbine shop to a shift supervisor of the power plant.

– Retirement by age is a necessity that must be taken for granted. Many people noticed the symbolic fact that one year I retire, and my son came to work at the CHP-2 to replace me. He started his career at the station in the electrical shop.

Sergey Taybomovich wishes the new generation of power engineers hard work, perseverance in acquiring knowledge, experience and dedication to their chosen profession. He is sure that it is impossible to become a professional in work without these qualities.