Cooked with the soul

Workers of CHP-3 covered a generous dastarkhan in the village of Otegen Batyr

By tradition, on Nauryz, according to tradition, large enterprises of the village, set the table and prepare treats for guests and residents. CHP-3 as a city – forming enterprise actively participates in festive events.

This year the festival was held at the stadium. A stage has been set up where the teams of the Ili district held a festive concert. Along the Arbat, one could see elegant yurts and tents in which residents of the village were treated to national dishes.

Residents of the village always take an active part in festive events.

Workers of CHP-3 on this day are covered with generous dastarkhans. There are always a lot of guests, pensioners, children in the yurt of CHP-3. Behind the big dastarkhan, workers gather with their families.

– This holiday is always celebrated on a grand scale, – Gulnara Zhamanbalanova, chairman of the trade union committee of the station, shares her impressions. – There is always enough work on the eve of the holiday, it is necessary to fry baursaks, cook nauryz-kozhe. Every year on this day we always try to treat all the guests deliciously.

This year, the workers of CHP-3 have lovingly prepared 20 kg of baursaks, 40 liters of nauryz-kozhe, a 100-liter cauldron of pilaf, bought oriental sweets, fruits and national drinks.