A.Zhakutov CHPP-2: «Battle of wits» on industrial safety

In March, a contest "Battle of Wits" was held at the A.Zhakutov CHP-2. The event was prepared by employees of the Occupational Safety and Health Service, Head Alexander Chukalin and inspectors of the service Nargiz Tavbayeva and Lyazzat Zhampozova. All topics related to industrial safety, safety culture, ecology and labor protection. Five teams from different workshops took part in the quiz.

– It's one thing when you read about industrial safety at the workplace in the workshop, and it's quite another when you answer questions during the game. There is a competitive spirit, it becomes very interesting, – said Azamat Doskozhaev, the driver of the central thermal control panel of steam turbines, the winner of the quiz. – During the quiz, we strengthened our labor consolidation, refreshed our memory. This is very important for us, because we work in a dangerous production.

– The jury unanimously determined the winner. In general, many thanks to the organizer of the event. It is necessary not to stop there, to conduct new quizzes on other topics: about the station, about the ALES, about power engineers, – Bakytzhan Toksharayev, head of the economic department, member of the jury shared.

Dyusengali Soltanbayev, head of the workshop for commissioning and environmental protection, stressed that the quiz included questions on ecology. This is very relevant now.

– It was very interesting to watch the guys answer the quiz questions. Everyone showed a good level of knowledge. Our employees are always our pride and strength. The quiz proved it once again, continued Zhadyra Soltanova, head of the station's personnel department.

All participants of the quiz were awarded prizes from the trade union.