Earth hour 2023

AlES workers urge to preserve the nature of Kazakhstan

For the fourth year, AlES JSC has been participating in Earth Hour, the most massive international environmental action. It is held worldwide on the initiative of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

– The purpose of the campaign is to attract the widest possible attention of the world community to the problem of climate change on Earth, – said Zoya Arzyukova, Chief Engineer of the Environmental Protection Department. – Our employees express their support for the idea of the need for joint action in solving environmental problems.

The time of the action this year is March 25 at 20:30. About 2 billion people participate in the Earth Hour campaign around the world: 180 countries and 7 thousand cities.

– The first demonstration environmental action was held in Sydney (Australia) at the end of March 2007 by the Australian edition of "The Sydney Morning Herald", – continued Elena Silvestrova, Chief Specialist of the Department of Environmental Protection. – During this time, the energy consumption of the city has been reduced by more than 10%. According to experts, the effect of the action was that there seemed to be 48 thousand fewer cars on the roads of Sydney. This action was called "Earth Hour".

The idea took on an annual character, spread and became popular in many countries of the world. Thousands of architectural monuments and significant buildings of the world extinguish their illumination. Since this is an absolutely voluntary action, people decide for themselves how many and which electrical appliances they will turn off, and the city authorities initiate the shutdown of the illumination of urban objects. For safety reasons, the organizers of the action do not recommend turning off street lighting, aeronautical lights and traffic lights.

The Republic of Kazakhstan has been participating in it since 2009. The campaign is universally supported by public and private organizations of Kazakhstan.

– "Earth Hour" is much more than turning off the lights for one hour once a year, – said Saltanat Zhanakhmetova, Chief Specialist of the Environmental Protection Department. – Since 2011, the logo of the action looks like "60+", which means a call to the participants of the action to go beyond one hour and take another step for the sake of the planet, for example, start saving water, use public transport more often instead of a personal car, take care of water, save and hand over waste paper.

We urge everyone to take an active part in the action. Let's make an informed choice – start!!!