Spring meeting of the AlES Women's Club

At the beginning of March, a regular meeting of the Women's Club of JSC "AlES" was held. Each production department of the company sends its representatives to a meeting at the club, so that later they can share their impressions in their department.

The topic chosen for discussion by the organizers of CHP-3 is "Paramedic". The station employees thought over the meeting program in detail. At the beginning there was an informative tour of the station. Then an interesting presentation on the topic was held. Medical personnel were involved for practical tasks. All the girls actively participated in the work of the club.

– During the tour, we were able to see firsthand the peculiarities of production at the station. Personally, I was impressed by the fact that people unload coal manually, – said Aizada Tleukhan, economist of the 1st category of the repair service of the B.Orazbayev CHP-1. – I especially remember the safety measures for frostbite. What myths do we have when providing first aid, and what really needs to be done. For me, as a young specialist, such meetings are very useful and interesting, because you meet women at them who have something to learn from. I took note of how interesting it is to tell, presenting the material.

Gulzhan Bakhtybayeva liked the informative information on first aid. She especially noted the host of the meeting, Nazym Zikirova, Inspector for Labor Protection and Safety of CHP-3.

The engineer of the logistics department of CHP-1 Indira Mandibayeva participated in the meeting of the Women's Club for the first time. And it was interesting for her to observe how female managers willingly shared their knowledge, views on life, work and society with the younger generation of power engineers. Thereby forming a stable leadership position among the younger generation.

They also recalled the previous meeting, which was held by the workers of the PRP "Energoremont" at the A.Zhakutov CHPP-2. Her theme was "Parenting: rules, values and traditions of the family". Then guests were invited to the meeting: the director of the Sana Sezim Foundation and a practicing psychologist. The dialogue turned out to be very interesting, open and informative.

Aigerim Omarova, an engineer of the Western Thermal Complex, said that she had received answers to many questions. All participants of the meeting were given information about home and car first aid kits.

– The idea of the Women's Club is very good, interesting and informative, – continued Natalia Derbina, an engineer for the organization and rationing of work of the EUMS-2 of the Energoremont PME. – This is the fourth time I have taken part in the work of the club, during this time I have received a lot of interesting information. I really enjoyed the meeting with Aliya Ilyasova, an independent expert on gender policy. The topic was so open that you could listen to it for an hour. I also remember the meeting of the women's club, which was organized by the women of the PME "Energoremont". Psychologists were invited to the event, interesting trainings and competitions were held, and videos were viewed. Psychologists answered many of our questions and provided useful information. For myself personally, from this meeting I made a lot of conclusions that I applied in communication with my daughter and revised some values in my family. And the meeting at the CHP-3 gave practical first aid skills in case of accidents. I am very glad that there is a Women's club in our company, huge words of gratitude to its creators.

Recall that the Women's Club of JSC "AlES" was established in August 2022. Meetings of the club are held on an ongoing basis. All interested women of the company can take part in its events. The next meeting is scheduled in April at the site of A.Zhakutov CHP-2.