The main thing is purposefulness and a constant desire to learn...

This is the opinion of Elena Kim, Head of the production laboratory of the Commissioning and Environmental Protection department of the A.Zhakutov CHPP-2

Chemistry, as a science, did not come into my life by chance, my mother worked as the head of a chemical laboratory at the Kostanay chemical fiber plant. She put chemistry knowledge into me. Therefore, the choice of profession was determined.

After graduation, she worked as an engineer in the laboratory at the Kostanay Chemical fiber plant. Got married, moved to Taraz. I came to the power industry by chance, brought a resume to the personnel department of CHP-4, there was a vacancy for a water treatment apparatchik of the chemical shop. They took me, they liked my diploma.

The first working day was remembered for the bulk and noise of the equipment. I was very surprised that such a large and complex equipment is managed and controlled by ordinary people who are not afraid to work on it and take responsibility for it.

She worked her way up from an apparatchik of the chemical workshop, head of the laboratory, to the head of the chemical service, which included two chemical workshops and two laboratories. Then she worked for three years in the French company "Vicat Group" at a joint Kazakh-French cement plant as a laboratory engineer, for five years as the head of the oil and gas laboratory in the Kumkol field.

Having worked in various industrial sectors, I can say with confidence that work in the energy sector is the most important, necessary and life-supporting.

Since August 2018, I have been working as the head of the production laboratory of the Commissioning and environmental protection workshop of the A.Zhakutov CHPP-2.

My first mentor at CHP-2 was Kaliev Bauyrzhan Bolatovich, now he is the chief engineer of the station. A wonderful person, a professional in his field, a very competent specialist who delved into all issues related to chemical analysis in the laboratory.

Our laboratory monitors the quality indicators of fuel oil, coal, oils, gases and industrial waters. I control the production work of the laboratory team in all directions. I work with personnel in the field of occupational health and safety: briefings, elaboration of policy materials.

Often in production there are issues related to the chemical regime that require intervention, where you need to think, read, experiment. We solve together with the team the tasks of the laboratory and the water-chemical regime of the station.

I like to solve problems related to chemical analysis when the version associated with the process in production is confirmed.

In the laboratory of CHP-2, she introduced methods for the input control of the inhibitor of mineral salt deposits of IOMS for the effectiveness of inhibition by calcium carbonate and sulfate. This analysis is effective in determining high-quality inhibitor samples based on the central laboratory of CHP-2. She introduced a technique for determining the exchange capacity of cationite and anionite for monitoring the operation of filters in the chemical shop, also used during the input control of ion exchange resins.

I think it is very important for a manager to treat every employee of his department with respect. If the laboratory is considered good, it is primarily because every laboratory technician and engineer does their job efficiently and honestly, and for this I will always be grateful to them. My task is to educate and train staff who know their job.

I want to leave behind a strong laboratory with qualified personnel and a modern fleet of laboratory equipment capable of competing with other laboratories in the energy industry.

I am, one might say, a realized specialist chemist-analyst-technologist. We have a competent, efficient laboratory at CHP-2 now. Young specialists come to us who want to learn and understand chemistry in order to connect the future with it.

The main thing for me in life is purposefulness and a constant desire to learn.

If you start all over again, I would definitely go this way again.