Strong and independent

What is it like to be a woman in a "male" profession, representatives of the beautiful half of JSC AlES told

Doctor for equipment

Natasha Auytovna Alakushukova's continuous experience in the energy industry is more than 41 years. Now she works as a senior foreman at the thermal insulation repair site at CHP-1 in the production and repair enterprise Energoremont.

She always wanted to become a doctor, to treat people, to help them, to hear words of gratitude in response, to see happy eyes. But quite by chance she came to the energy industry, and does not regret choosing a profession. She is an insulator, a skilled worker, performs work on the insulation of building structures, pipelines and technological equipment from harmful environmental influences. The main purpose of this work is to preserve heat. She confidently says that she "treats the equipment".

"...Walking like a queen!"

So jokes Alya Dildabekova, the only woman in the male team of crane operators of the A.Zhakutov CHP-2.

Alya in her youth easily decided to become a crane operator. She liked to operate machinery. This year marks the 35th anniversary of her working on the crane.

Of these, Alya Dildabekova has been working at the station as a gantry and bridge crane operator for 18 years. For responsible work in 2011, she was awarded the 6th category. She was never afraid of heights and difficulties. Everyone said that a crane operator was a man's profession. But Alya was serious and never regretted it.

Alya is clearly working on her crane. Understands the people standing below by gestures and facial expressions. She loves her job.

Right after school

Valentina Usmankina came to work at the power plant for the first time in 1984, when she was 19 years old. She was accepted as an electrician in the electric shop of CHP-3. For the last 20 years, Valentina has been working as an electrician repairing windings and insulation. The work is difficult, but very interesting. Valentina's work brings satisfaction. She feels important in this profession. "The doctor resuscitates people, and I am electric motors", Valentina shared. – A pleasant feeling when the engine starts working after rewinding. If we could bring everything back, then Valentina is sure that she would not hesitate to choose the profession of a winder. After all, the profession of an energy engineer sounds proud. We give heat and electricity to people.

No weaker than men

In 1991, Gulnara Zhusupova got a job at the CHP-2 in the fuel and transport workshop as a fuel supply driver. And since then I've loved my job.

Now Gulnara believes that for women, work on the conveyor is difficult: pumping coal into boilers, bypassing belt conveyors. But she hadn't noticed all this before. The shift passed quickly and imperceptibly, everyone was friendly and helped each other.

Today she works as a motorist of automated fuel supply on the watch. Her duties include providing an economical fuel supply mode, removing and preparing equipment for repair on the instructions of the shift supervisor of the shop. Gulnara's whole life is connected with energy, and she is proud of it…

I serve metal!

Tatiana Vlasova, a leading control engineer (metallologist) of the Metals and Welding Service of the Energoremont PRP, is grateful to fate that she has a favorite and interesting job.

In 1995, she joined the energy industry in the Metals and Welding Service of the RSE "Almatyenergo" as a laboratory assistant of the 6th category.

Life has taught a lot of lessons, but perseverance and the desire to become a highly qualified specialist in the energy sector has borne fruit, in a short period Tatiana has mastered the necessary additional skills, and in April 1996 she became a category 2 metal engineer.

But the work on self-development, self-improvement and specialty continues to this day. The metallologist has always had a lot of work, to maintain three thermal power plants and two hydroelectric power plants. Conducting input control of materials, aging equipment of power plants almost every day there are more and more new issues that need to be addressed by Tatiana. But she has never regretted that she connected her life with energy.

Today, the line between the so-called male and female professions has almost been erased. Especially in the energy sector, where representatives of the beautiful half of humanity confidently "captured" the positions of electricians, duty machinists, electricians, crane operators and many others. Our heroes today are sure: there is no such thing as "not a woman's job".