Important experience for AlES

Employees of the campaign visited JSC Tatenergo

At the end of February 2023, representatives of AlES got acquainted with the operating conditions of gas turbine units (GTU) at CHP-1 and CHP-3 in Kazan, operating on natural gas.

– During the visit to the stations, we were able to discuss detailed issues and technical solutions that arose during the construction and installation and commissioning works, – said Gaziy Ismukhambetov, Managing Director of Production – Chief Engineer.

The commissioning of new power units has reduced the shortage of electric power in the Kazan energy district. The advantage of GTU is its flexibility. Fast start-up, fast load set, high reliability and high efficiency.

– At CHPP-3, we saw firsthand a unique turbine. It is coupled with the steam turbine equipment already existing at the power plant, Mikhail Reshetnikov, Head of the Operation Service, continued. – Due to this, as a result of the commissioning of the gas turbine plant, the CHP generates electricity and heat on the basis of the combined cycle.

Among the advantages of the GTU, representatives of AlES noted greater operational maneuverability, which is achieved through the use of an innovative aggregate control system. This allows you to quickly start the installation, switch to a partial load while maintaining high efficiency indicators.

– During familiarization with the equipment and negotiations with the operating personnel of Kazan CHP-1, we received information about a flexible range of power control with the possibility of stable operation of the GTU in the field of preset schedules of electrical loads. We were able to look at the loading and unloading speed of the block, added Abzal Zhakypbayev, Deputy Chief Engineer of A.Zhakutov CHP-2.

Yuri Shashkin, Head of the Department of Labor and Wages of Human Resources Management, studied the approaches, procedure, grounds and features of the calculations of the normative number and formation of the staffing of the staff of Kazan CHP-1 during its reconstruction.

Representatives of AlES noted that the new units introduced on the basis of GTU with the use of modern automated control systems are reliable equipment. They have a clear regulation in a given range, facilitate start-up operations and operation, have sufficient redundancy, have great functionality and archival data, have positive feedback from the operational and repair personnel of the station.

The experience gained will be used in the transfer of Almaty stations to gas.