Not just a helmet

Within the framework of the zero injury concept, AlES JSC ensures maximum safety for all employees

One of the ways of protection is the use of protective helmets of a certain color for newly hired employees. For this purpose, JSC "AlES" has developed instructions for the use of various colors on protective helmets, depending on work experience. According to it, employees are given helmets:

  • white color – for managers, heads of workshops, sites, services, foremen, engineering and technical workers, specialists and labor protection inspectors;
  • blue – for all working specialties;
  • orange – for employees with less than two years of work experience at the enterprise, except for heads of production departments.

– The choice of helmet color has several reasons. Firstly, it helps to distinguish new employees from more experienced ones. Newcomers may be less familiar with workplace hazards and more at risk of injury. If they have a helmet of a great color, other employees and management will be able to quickly determine that the employee needs additional help or attention. Therefore, in order to strengthen control over compliance with occupational health and safety requirements, orange helmets are issued for beginners, explained Zhanar Shekeeva, chief specialist of the Department of Occupational Safety and Environmental Protection.

It is important that the helmets comply with safety requirements and protect the employee's head from injury. In addition, helmets must be properly sized and adjusted to ensure maximum protection of the employee in the workplace.

It should be noted that the color of the helmet does not replace the need for safety training at the workplace. Every new employee of AlES JSC is trained in safety, including the use of protective helmets. The use of helmets of a certain color is an additional tool for ensuring safety in the workplace.