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Cascade training on actions during an earthquake was conducted at the WTC

On February 21, 2023, WTC employees conducted emergency training. The lesson was attended by 32 people, the management of the station, the heads of the boiler electrical shops, chemical service, motor transport section, gas management service, etc. Cascade training involves the transfer of knowledge and the control of their assimilation along the chain from the boss to the worker.

– We have analyzed in detail the actions before, on time and after the earthquake, – said Almas Niyazbekov, Chief of Staff of the Civil Defense and Emergency Department. – We stopped at the contents of the alarm case in case of an earthquake, considered measures for non-structural seismic settlement of buildings and structures, the principles of the Darmen mobile application.

Aliaskar Medenov, the head of the boiler shop, believes that it is necessary to refresh knowledge constantly.

– It seems that everyone already knows everything. What should I do at the first tremors of an earthquake? What needs to be done in the first 15-20 seconds during the first tremors of an earthquake? What should I do if an earthquake caught you on the street? What can and cannot be done in an earthquake? But in fact, everyone gets lost and forgets, Aliaskar continued.

Cascade training will allow employees to refresh and strengthen their knowledge of earthquake actions.