It seems to me that I am one of the few people who have found their vocation in life...

Maxim Krasnotsvetov, dispatcher of the station Center for receiving and unloading fuel, has been working for 25 years in the Center for receiving and unloading fuel

Maxim Krasnotsvetov was born in the small village of Kokozek, Almaty region, Karasai district in 1975 in a family of livestock breeders. His mother worked as a milkmaid, his father as an equipment repair mechanic.

Since childhood, Maxim has been interested in repairing equipment. At the age of 11, he worked as a locksmith with his father at a grain harvest, and at the age of 12 he worked as an assistant to a combine harvester.

– After graduating from our nine-year school, I entered the construction school of MPTC-13. Almaty is a tower crane operator by profession. Graduated from vocational school with honors and worked as a crane operator at a construction site before the army, – Maxim Krasnotsvetov said.

After serving in the army, Maxim got a job as an assistant locomotive driver in the locomotive depot of Almaty. After graduating from the courses of an assistant locomotive driver, he drove passenger trains for three years.

– In 1997, I got a job at the CHP-2 as an assistant locomotive driver in the fuel and transport workshop. In 1998, the railway staff separated from the CHP-2, and so the CRUF Center for receiving and unloading fuel was formed, Maxim continued.


In 2010, after successfully passing the exams for the position of station dispatcher (shift supervisor of the site), Maxim Krasnotsvetov replaced the dispatchers. But for a full-fledged job, it was necessary to get a higher education.

At work, my mentors were Bulat Suleimenovich Utepov, the station dispatcher, Alkesh Beisembayevich Baubekov, the head of the site, Adilet Melisovich Beisembayev, the head of the site. I am grateful that fate has brought me together with such reliable people, thanks to whom work has become a pleasure.

In 2012, he enrolled in absentia at the Kazakh University of Railway Engineering (KURE). He received the specialty "Organization of train traffic". In 2016, he was transferred to the position of station dispatcher on a permanent basis.

Maxim Krasnotsvetov applies his professional knowledge of the operating conditions of diesel locomotives for non-stop and trouble-free operation of the site. Uses effective methods of work on the organization of shunting operations, taking into account the layout of the railway tracks, the technological process of unloading fuel, which ultimately provides savings in diesel fuel, reducing the time for shunting work.

There are 11 people working under Maxim. Maxim understands each of his watch half a word, you can say half a movement. The team of the G Watch is stable and well-worked. The duties of the dispatcher are continuous unloading of coal, filing documents, working with contractors, unloading of fuel oil and acid. On average, 3 feeds are unloaded per shift, which is about 100 wagons. This year Maxim's watch worked for the New Year. They will also work for Nauryz. The rule: do not ask for time off on holidays works clearly.

Watch G is native to Maxim. They celebrate birthdays and holidays together. There is even a common hobby – fishing. During the summer, Maxim and his team fish three times on the Ili River. Last year, a carp weighing 9 kg was caught.

Maxim is a man with golden hands. In his spare time, he is engaged in the installation of plastic windows, builds a greenhouse at home. He has a lot of plans for the future.

Maxim's eldest daughter, Ksenia, decided to continue the labor dynasty. She graduated from the Almaty Technical and Economic College (ATEKPS) in 2020 with a degree in "Automation of Telemechanics and traffic control on railway transport" and in 2021 she got a job at the CPVT as a switch post on duty. Maxim's son Matvey is growing up, and he would very much like him to follow in his footsteps.

– From childhood to today, I have achieved everything thanks to my mentors, my father first of all, because it was he who brought up one good trait in me. "Be the best, or at least among the best". I always try to be the best in my field.

During the years of work in the company, Maxim Krasnotsvetov was repeatedly awarded with Certificates of Honor and commendations of JSC "AlES", he was listed on the Board of Honor of the Department of CRUF and the Head Office of JSC "AlES".

– Work in the energy sector has always been my favorite. There is a healthy and friendly team here (my second family). Here they will always come to the rescue in a difficult moment and will be happy for you in your successes. There are many career opportunities in the energy sector.

It seems to me that I am one of the few people who have found their vocation in life. And this is what I wish for everyone!