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Erbol Sasykov, Ombudsman of AlES JSC, told about his love for Omar Khayyam's creations

I liked poetry at school. At that time we studied A.Pushkin, M.Lermontov, A.Fet, N.Nekrasov... The school curriculum did not provide for the study of the works of Oriental poets and thinkers such as Omar Khayyam, Hafiz, Nizami, Navoi... I heard Omar Khayyam's poems from random sources, and I liked them.

     Although not new, I will remind you again,
     In the face of both friend and foe.
     You are the master of the unspoken word,
     And of the spoken word you are the servant.

I became really interested in the work of Omar Khayyam, one might say, in adulthood. Then I worked at the A.Zhakutov CHPP-2, sometimes second-hand booksellers came to the station and sold books in the lobby. It was there that I came across a book with collections of rubai Khayyam. Without hesitation, I bought it.

     You have to be good with both friend and enemy!
     Who is kind by nature, you will not find malice in him.
     If you offend a friend, you will make an enemy,
     If you embrace an enemy, you will find a friend.

Omar Khayyam clothed his philosophical and poetic ideas in the form of rubai, that is, in quatrains. I like Rubai because it is characterized by conciseness, deep philosophical meaning, mocking wit and sarcasm. Khayyam's genius lies in the fact that he lived and worked in the 11th century, but his rubai are relevant today. They reveal the problems of our modernity and answer the questions that we ask ourselves today. That is why I always turn to his poems when questions or life problems arise. Sometimes I quote rubai to friends and colleagues to express my thoughts or support them, to explain how the great thinker Omar Khayyam looked at the world.

     Of all that Allah has given me to choose from,
     I chose stale bread and a miserable basement,
     For the salvation of the soul, he starved and suffered,
     Became a beggar, became richer than the rich.

I didn't count how many verses I know by heart, I didn't set myself such a goal to memorize a record number. If I liked the rubai, then I try to remember it. By the way, the quatrain is easy to remember, you need to repeat it to yourself several times. When I walk down the street, in my free time or before going to bed, I repeat rubai.

    Don't believe someone who speaks beautifully,
     There is always a game in his words.
     Believe the one who silently,
     Creates beautiful things.

There are not so many books by Omar Khayyam, and you will not find him in all stores. I have two of his books now.

     Do not be afraid to give warming words,
     And do good deeds.
     The more wood you put in the fire,
     The more heat will return.

I study the work of Omar Khayyam purely for myself, for my spiritual development. Therefore, I recommend studying his work from any age, regardless of his position, position and status. When we become spiritually better, the world around us becomes brighter.

     I wish happiness to all who love and are loved!
     After all, life without colors makes faceless,
     And the world, and life, and joy, and love ...
     Love to be loved again!!!